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Today’s Topics:

  • State of Sponge #2
  • LLC Highlights
  • Quote of the Week
  • Question of the Week

:rocket: State of Sponge #2 :rocket:

According to this thread, Sponge will be hosting another State of Sponge, and on top of that, it will also be hosted every last Saturday of the month!

How much progress has Sponge made since the last stream?
One of the main things we’ve added is a whole new configuration system. So how this system works is there are three types of configs: Global level (Default), Dimension level, World level

  • Global is the configuration for ALL worlds, meaning of you change one setting in the config, it changes that setting for all worlds. This is what most server owners will probably use.
  • Dimension is the configuration for worlds with a specific type (such as all nethers, ends, etc…). It also supports mods, like as blood_ said with Mystcraft Ages.
  • World is the configuration for each and every world. So any changes made to one world’s config will not affect others.
  • Other changes include more capabilities with the Entity API. Inventory is also something being added in the near future.

What’s the main point of the Sponge LLC?
People want to help Sponge. Be it helping with the Implementation/API or donating money. The LLC is here to make the latter (donating money) as easy as possible for any type of person. Sponge also benefits from the fact that all money goes to the LLC, but each decision made about what to do with the money is voted unanimously, or with majority vote.

:star2: LLC Highlights :star2:

News about the Sponge LLC has been released to the public by @sibomots!

The Basic Gist of the LLC is to handle all donations payed to SpongePowered as secure as they can make it. By creating the LLC, it prevents abuse of any money donated to Sponge because anything and everything done with the donation money must be voted together unanimously.
If you have any questions, please direct them to @sibomots here.

:speech_balloon: Quote of the Week :speech_balloon:

@bdubz4552 Made some valid points here about PCs VS Macs. Take it as you will, everyone has their preference ;).

:question: Question of the Week :question:

Have you tried the DotDark (@DotDash) or NightUI (@BitByte) Forum Themes?
Reply down below, and if you haven’t, go ahead and try em!

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Add link to the forum central with instructions on installing them? ( /t/1306 ) :heart:

I’ve tried both themes, and I use NightUI as my daily driver. Really with that white categories box wasn’t white too, though… :wink:

Apparently NightUI is still fairly popular… xD I really need to get around to updating it.


Not really needed since both topics contain the instructions.

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