Sponge V. XProject API

I’ll try to be civil but this is the internet so interpret this as you will. Also note that this is my personal opinion take it as you will.

When it comes to these Sponge v. XAPI threads I see people saying this is shit API, Sponge will be better or this is a joke right. While I do do think some of these are a joke namely Husk(I’ll get into that) and I can understand why people saying this is a shit API. What I can’t understand is the Sponge will be better argument. Sponge like all/most of the other projects is young and doesn’t have much implemented yet. I personally believe that in programming ideas that aren’t implemented are worthless. Don’t get me wrong when I say that, ideas are still important but what use are they if they aren’t used? I don’t know if I’ve been made cynical by my working with development teams or not but this is how I view ideas :confused: Right now with Sponge I see great ideas without implementation. That said I really hope Sponge gets these ideas implemented as I personally want to see mods working with plugins but that’s me being selfish. I have the same views about Rainbow has great ideas but they still need to be implemented. As to why I think Husk is a joke, while Sponge and Rainbow have their code made public and accessible, Husk makes bold claims about what it will do without showing code or providing a working example. While a “developer” did come up and tell us their ideas for the project to me they’re just that. Without code or a binary I can’t bring myself believe that such a project is valid.

TL;DR I hope Sponge succeeds but with all projects “Talk is cheep show me the code”

Again just my personal thoughts.


Even if it was another one, these topics can easily be ignored, as they are for discussion & entertainment purposes mainly.

Hi @LordIllyohs, I do not think this topic is necessary. There are many other posts similar to this.

Nothing personal, but still, thanks for your time,

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I feel the same way.I run the forums on rainbow and i come here to see everyone cutting the forums up the api the developer.Everyone says sponge will be better based on whos working on it.I guess we are on the sponge forums if thats what you can call this.so expect sponge members to be loyal and closed minded.come to my forum and you get code writing help sections.no bashing of other projects.maybe just maybe sponge people are a little insecure not knowing when their precious sponge will be released.

I feel like this post was made to just be a passive aggressive jerk to sponges community cause of the vocal minority that attack anything that moves.

Welcome to the internet and more to the point to PR and community management. Assholes are vocal there are a lot of people that have no illwill to you or your project. If you can’t handle being belittled for the simple fact you exist then the internet is a shit place to be. Its not fair its not right and should be fixed. But that’s people since the dawn of time.

The best thing you or any of the current “other guys” could be doing is just being nice mingal make friends and let human natural cuoristy be your tool to invite people to your community.

But all I’m seeing is the sponge assholes attack you guys and you all either be asses back passive aggressive or just flat out silly. While I am ranti g at you. I’m mainly ranting at the whole issue. Sorry that your the target in this chase tho. Be nice and other good souls will follow.