SpongeDocs Status - May 2nd 2015


I bring a status update of the SpongeDocs.

As reiterated at the State-of-Sponge III, many new features and changes have happened to the API 2.0. Some of these changes are still being written into the implementations as we speak. With the release of alpha builds of Sponge (coremod), many developers are keen to try it out and make test plugins. We need to do our best to accomodate this rush, as it will help facilitate more rapid development.of the Sponge API and implementations, as well as getting some neat plugins out there.

To do this, we need to be aware of the shortcomings in the present documentation, and also the status of the implementations. (There’s not much use having docs that describe features that are not yet enabled). I have attempted to summarise the important areas that need work. Most of them are in the area of Plugin development, and some contributions from senior developers would also be appreciated - when they aren’t busy actually writing or testing the implementation.

Pages that urgently needs updating

[DONE] Messages (Text API R2.0)
[DONE] Commands 
[Done] Dependency Injection
Sponge Commands

Pages that need content

[DONE] Blocks
Layout & [DONE] Debugging pages (contributing)

Pages that need Creating

Channel API
Data API
World Management
Sponge Permissions

(Note: Some of these issues are being worked on, check GitHub to see what we’re up to)
This is by no means a comprehensive list, there are many more issues on the SpongeDocs git, and many more to be uncovered. The above items do represent the priority issues we should be addressing to help maximise the potential of Sponge. Where the API is not yet implemented, let us know and we can tag the issue appropriately.

So, a call to all those who feel informed enough to contribute, show us what you can do!
SpongeDocs needs your brains!

PS: Thank you to everyone who has contributed to SpongeDocs so far. Be proud that you have helped make what was once a skeletal Wiki into a magnificent information resource.


The Channels API?

Plugin Channels / Player Networking / PlayerConnection.
This thing on the Sponge API git and any subsequent amendments.

I’m taking care of the new Text API docs, which are nearly finished, with the exception of the Selectors section. The Pull Requests for Selectors seem to be getting to a point where they can be pulled in soon, so expect revised Text API docs shortly after Selectors get pulled in.

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Glad to see the command docs page is getting updated, when I tried messing with the API by creating a command I was getting frustrated by why it wasn’t working. xD

Working on a commandspec explanation


Here it is: SpongeDocs/commands.rst at 52e78d7851575efc05de00a852afb93a97ffec17 · boformer/SpongeDocs · GitHub


A lot of work has been done in the last week! Thanks to all contributors!