State of Sponge 25/01/2015

Just a reminder everyone, the State of Sponge is two days away. (Saturday 24/Sunday 25 depending on your timezone.) You can check what time you can join us over here: Every Time Zone: time zone converter, compare time zone difference and find best time for a meeting with one click

A little info about the State of Sponge:

Due to the amount of questions that we’ve been getting, the Sponge team has decided to hold a session dedicated to informing the community about Sponge, our ethos, our goals and our progress. The sessions will be held through a combination of a live stream (likely through Google Hangouts) and IRC. There will also be a dedicated Q&A session for the community to ask the staff and developers about important issues. We will be holding this event on Saturday, January 24th, 2015 at 9 PM GMT (or …in your timezone), and we expect it to run for two hours.

In order to facilitate the Q&A, we’d love to know what questions you have for the team, though you will still be able to ask questions live on the day. Please post your questions below.

We will be hosting the Livestream on Twitch at Twitch
Join us on IRC in Sponge on for the text component of State of Sponge!


State of Sponge Livestream

Sponge API Visualisation

Sponge Implementation Visualisation


Some questions:
What is the state of sponge’s API?
What is the state of sponges implementation?
What support will be provided for those moving from Bukkit/Spigot?
Will there be tutorials for those wanting to develop for sponge?

Please post a summary of the event here for those who cannot make it.

Docs related questions:
-ETA on language support of the docs?
-will there be fully automated build of the transifex translations?
-currently the “read the docs” theme is used, will you modify or change it to support wide pictures, figures and tables?

A simple document with questions and answers as short summary would be great :smile:

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I recall the team talking about rolling releases, but I can’t remember if it was for API alone, so: In a nutshell, is there something the initial release of the implementation can / can’t do compared Bukkit?

There was talk of an Entity Component System, but it was said to be too much work for the first release. Is there still a plan to use an ECS in the future?

Also, have some cookies :cookie:

Hello! I am new here and saw that bukket is done. so it wont work anymore. so i have some quiestions :smile:

  • Can we have my old world in sponge or a new fresh start?
  • can we have bukkit plugins or will there be new plugins?
  • when will you put up the download link? tomorrow? or do we have to wait a little bit more?

Thank you!

You should read the faq. Your questions have been answered over there and here on the forums, too.

I figured some people still read this old posts, so here is the correct link to the FAQ as of sept. 2015:

And downloads for SpongeForge and SpongeVanilla here:

Thx man but i searched for the download link but couldn’t find it. can u plz help?

There is a big red Box on the docs index:
“Sponge is currently in development as of writing, so no download is yet available for running Sponge plugins.”

I cant provide you a link, sorry.
The API is released but currently there are no implementations (your “download”) available.

Maybe a mod can move the last 4 posts elsewhere… In here its kinda offtopic.

Do you have a general idea of when the first release should be launched?

Looking forward for the twitch stream and account name. I want to watch!

Will there be a VOD to watch?

To clarify on the topic of a release, one will not happen tomorrow. We also do not have an estimated release date.

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We will be hosting the stream at:
Just over 4 hours left, hope to see everyone there!


the results will be written (article)?

I noticed that their are no “Past Broadcasts” on your twitch account :frowning:

Is their a recording of the Q&A? Please say yes.

a link to the video on youtube is in this pinned topic

Right, but there is already a released build of Granite (, even though I do not know how well that works. Granite implements the Sponge API into Mojang’s server software, that’s more or less similar to CraftBukkit. Difference is only that Granite writes classes that “patch” the vanilla-jar, but not edit this classes directly because of legal issues.

I’d like to know whether this is an “official” implementation and what you think about it, not many seem to know about it.


We are working on the requirements and terminology to make an implementation official. As of now, the only official implementation is the one made by our team that works on top of the Forge server (Sponge). In the future, implementations such as Granite may very well be officially supported. We just need to work out the details.


Hello guys! Am I right in saying, the guys at sponge have been doing a great job from the very beginning working on the Sponge API? They have done their very best, and should have our greatest thanks for doing so. I have been following the development of Sponge from the very start and I am staggered by the amount of work a team of people can do in such a small space of time, what, a few months?

I recently posted on a few, learning Java posts as I am new to Minecraft Plugin Programming, although I have had some basic programming knowledge in the past, I have recently acquired a book, and am currently learning the basics and advances in the Java Programming Language, I will then, once the Sponge API has the required things I need available, such as the inventory GUI etc. I will be starting work on a plugin which will allow a player to select a player class, such as an archer or warrior, and be set certain traits which will give buffs we could say.

I am posting this to just say, thanks, to all the team for creating this new and reliable Sponge API. Such a great start-up, and have the community behind their backs from the start. Great Job!