TeslaCrate 🔑 Shockingly Powerful Crates (API 5, 6, and 7)


Thanks daddy, ill try it out ._.

Could you post some pictures or something so people know what to expect with this plugin?

No server owner fees per key for selling them within donations stores i hope, don’t think Simon is that kinda guy. nice work Simon. Hope to see this continue to succeed, and best of luck with the future updates to come. #MakeVoteCratesGreatAgain

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I don’t know if this was intended as a joke based on the title (reading the topic again, I’m sure it was!), but that made me chuckle.

that’s also not a thing on my plugin which you seem to be talking about. It’s really unkind to spread false information.


Would you say those claims are not GROUNDED in reality?

I need to stop


good lord pieflavor

I must say, all these electricity puns are getting me excited. Seems like even the Nucleus team is getting off the ground.

@codeHusky I’ve updated the original post with a fabulous picture of a bunch of crates. Enjoy.


You can’t insulate the Nucleus team from a good pun!


Perhaps, but if I relay enough of them I can overload you!

my brain hertz

I have a question for you.

If you drive a Tesla and it gets stolen…

Is it now an Edison?

Seriously though, I’d love to buy an electric car, but the prices are shockingly high.
I will see myself out.

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Okay guys stop it with the puns.

It’s enough.


Good day everyone! I’ve been hard at work with some shocking new features, and I’ll think you’ll be excited to see them! After the electrifying ordeal proceeding release, I’ve received stores of suggestions that are just overloading my circuits. Have no fear though - if you’re suggestion was ohmitted from this release, there’s still a chance it’ll empower an update in the future. Here’s to TeslaCrate!

Commit Log:

  • Added /TeslaCrate Crates
  • Added /TeslaCrate BuyKey and cost-buy Keydata
  • Added /TeslaCrate SellKey and cost-sell Keydata
  • Added the consumed Keydata (use multiple keys)
  • Added entity checks with crates
  • Added a changeable prefix for display messages
  • Fixed some in-game documentation issues
  • Switched some checks and messages for clarity

Issues should be reported with the version [v1.0.1]

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Time to put the spark back in the project and get it off the ground.


If you are using a Legacy version of TeslaCrate (v1.0.1-), please note the following critical information.

This update drastically changed the configuration system from past versions. Sadly, due to these significant changes it became near impossible to create a converter. As a result, anyone updating from a legacy version will be required to update the config manually as well as any storage, such as virtual keys.

This update will NOT overwrite the teslacrate.conf file in the config directory, so it is safe to use that for reference (but, for the good of everyone, take a backup if you need it).

If you need assistance with the transition, please contact me in the #teslacrate channel on Discord (link in the op). I apologize for any inconvenience.

This update adds a whole store of new features, the largest being the changes to the configuration system. I’ve updated the TeslaCrate wiki to help explain how to navigate through the system (particularly with References and Builders), so if you’re getting ready to charge into the config I highly recommend you review it.

With the large amass of changes, there’s bound to be something I overlooked (even with hours of testing into it, I can’t be perfect). As such, if you find an error please contact me asap so I can get it patched in no time.

Without further delay, here’s the main points of the update.

  • Split configuration into multiple files
  • Added a Storage section to handle storage
  • Major improvements to configuration
  • Removed reward types system
  • Various changes to internals for future support
  • Streamlined nearly all processes
  • Removed BuyKey and SellKey
  • Added key flag to Lookup
  • Improved system for ListCrates

Issues should be reported with the version [v1.1.0]

'Tis only a dark and stormy night. Bugs - vile, murderous creatures - run rampant through the servers, burning old config files and laying waste to everything in site. From the hill, a hero appears! His name is shrouded in mystery, cloaked in shadow, and his only weapon is IntelliJ and a simple keyboard. He braves the storm, the lightning, and his mac computer to bring you the tool to vanquish these fearsome bugs - Version 1.1.1.

Anyways, enough of that. This update fixes a lot of critical issues from 1.1.0 as well as a couple internal improvements, so it’s recommended to update asap. Enjoy.

  • Implemented singleton system for builders (Resolves #1)
  • Added builder system for Crates and Commands (Resolves #3)
  • Fixed using multiple physical keys issue (Resolves #2)
  • Fixed storage loading after reload issue
  • Changed startup to onGameInitialization

After forcing back the fearsome beasts the hero leaves to recover, for he knows he must fight another day. Before withdrawing into the mottled shadows of the forest, he leaves you a single request - report all issues on GitHub with the version 1.1.1.

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Greeting all! I’d like to throw out a quick update for you all with a well needed bug fix.

Version 1.1.2 patches physical keys having items immediately after startup, which is the result of Sponge’s DataAPI being unavailable during initialization. I’ve also added some helpful comments into the default configuration, and I’ll be working on a better explanation shortly - so stay tuned for that!

  • Changed initalization event (Resolves #4)
  • Added comments to configuration files
  • Fixed a small message error

Issues should be reported with the version [v1.1.2]

Hello everybody! I’ve been working on this update for a while now, and I think it’s the last one in the 1.1.x series. There’s been a lot of functional redesigning behind the scenes, and I think my work with the config structure has just about come to a close. I’m working on creating a couple tutorial on the TeslaCrate configuration to help you all out, so if that’s something you’d like to see let me know!

Version 1.1.3 implements the reference value options for items and commands. Please review your configuration and ensure that your existing values will not have an undesirable effect (such as an item value changing the quantity).

  • Added ForceCrate command to force process a crate
  • Config errors may now receive comments above the problem node
  • Command and Item reference values now have meaning (see wiki)
  • Improved internal configuration system
  • Improved validity checks and error messages
  • Names are now case-independent in commands
  • References may now be replicated in the same scope
  • Fixed core config options not being applied
  • Fixed issues with the default config

Issues should be reported with the version [v1.1.3]

Hi guys… If I want to give an enchanted item as reward? please help me :frowning: