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TeslaCrate - Developed by Simon_Flash ([email protected])

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TeslaCrate is the shockingly powerful crates plugin designed to provide servers with a battery of customization at their fingertips. Unlike many plugins that are grounded, TeslaCrate has the capacitance to conduct huge reserves of features and is charged with being updated and current to the needs of the community. As such, to keep the spark in the project I ask that you have no resistance in contacting me directly with suggestions. If there’s an ample influx of support and it’s not ohmitted, the suggestion may be relayed to the next circuit of updates. If the series of electricity puns are too re-volt-ing and it hertz, (or you’re confused about something), feel free to connect to the Support Discord above and relay your issues for some enlightening in the #teslacrate channel. Anyways, time to pull the plug on this and find an alternative method to empower TeslaCrate’s features. Enjoy!


  • Turn blocks or entities into crates
  • Easy, clear, and reusable configs
  • Gui navigation menus and displays
  • Multiple commands/items in one reward
  • Easy message editing /translation
  • Gui, particle, and sound effects
  • Built-in HuskyCrates converter



“Hey, it works! Watt?”
~ Simon after every build


The TeslaCrate Documentation can be found on Ore in the sidebar. If you need additional help, you can post a message in the #teslacrate channel of my Support Discord. It’s also a great place to suggest features, keep updated with new developments, and just come hang out with the community - see you there!

Support Me

There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into making plugins like TeslaCrate, so if you’ve benefited from one of my plugins and appreciate the work I do please take some time and add a donation through PayPal. Thanks for your support!

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TeslaCrate v2.1.1 has just been released! This version fixes up some bugs from v2.1.0 (and even before that!) as well as adds in some new features to boot. In particular, the roll-all, roll-min, and roll-max settings have been added to fulfill issue #5. Beyond that, there have been a variety of other small fixes and additions to make TeslaCrate even more shiny!

Moving forward, it’s looking like there’ll be a lot of TeslaCrate releases this month in preparation for the ‘Battle of the Crates’ at State of Sponge XVI this month. I’ve got crate expectations for TeslaCrate by then, so let’s hear for one heck of an event! See you there!

TeslaCrate v2.1.1 Ore Release


  • Firework effect can now be disabled
  • Roulette GUI’s closeable state is no longer inversed
  • Entity crates now use block position correctly
  • Improved config loading messages and added file location
  • Re-implemented weight-sum verification
  • Added roll-all setting with weight-sum (issue #5)
  • Added roll-min and roll-max options (issue #5)
  • Added multi-reward support for the above (WIP)
  • Added enchantment block for items
  • Added missing message key to messages.properties
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Hello hello! After an astounding debut at State of Sponge yesterday, I’m pleased to officially release TeslaCrate v2.2.0 in all its glory! If you’ve kept up with developments, you’ll know that this release focuses on the configurable particle animation system and adds a lot of fancy new features. If you really want to get crazy with things you could do something like this…

…but just keep an eye on your fps xD. Additionally, you can now download a French translation by DaeM0nS that can be added to your server on GitHub, and I’m always on the look out for others if you have the time! You can download v2.2.0 from Ore below - enjoy!

TeslaCrate v2.2.0 Ore Release


  • Updated to TeslaPowered v1.1.1
  • Added configurable particle system and Particle component
  • Added circle, helix, spiral, and vortex paths
  • Added French translation
  • Fixed reward element using the name crate
  • Fixed various minor display issues in menu and texts

Version 2.2.1 is now available! This release puts the finishing touches on the particle system introduced in v2.2.0 and significantly improves key protection for both item interactions and crafting. TeslaCrate v2.2.1 also makes use of TeslaPowered v1.1.2, which contains a number of updates to fix some inventory and argument parsing issues.

Version 2.2.1 is available to download on Ore.

In addition, I’d like to official announce that I will be working on a complete rewrite to TeslaCrate over the next coming weeks. Many of the features that I’d like to add moving forward are not supported with the current codebase, and while I’ve tried to delay any major refactoring until necessary I’d say that point has finally come. I am, however, looking a group of people to act as ‘consultants’ during this phase so I can design this version with the features people are looking for right from the start - if you’re interested in being a part of this team, please send me a message (plus, you’ll get access to fancy new pre-releases - yay!).

And though I’ll probably regret this later, let’s make it happen!

:zap: TeslaCrate v3 - Saturday, June 9, 2018 :zap:


  • Updated to TeslaPowered v1.1.2
  • Particles are now proper components and can be referenced
  • Added config option to change the particle refresh rate
  • Added internal converter for old particle configuration
  • Improved key interaction check and added crafting protection
  • Crate names are no longer case sensitive in the location storage
  • Miscellaneous cleanup and updates - the usual

Additionally, I’d like to thank SomeJakeGuy for their assistance beta testing this release and DaeM0nS for continuing to update the French translation (psst, there are other languages too!). Thanks you two! :heart:

Hiya all! It’s been a long time since updating this thread, but the pre-releases are getting big enough that it definitely warrants it!

TeslaCrate v3.0.0-pr4 is now released, which is the first release of v3 that adds in features beyond what was available in v2. If you haven’t begun the conversion process, now’s the time - converters are available in the main config.

The number of new features and bugfixes in this release are absolutely incredible, and I’m going to let the changelog do most of the talking there. However, I’d like to point out that there’s a lot of user experience features that have been added, like key menus and reward generation, that are the result of feedback from users. If you’re not hooked into my Discord server yet, it’s a great place for support and I’m always looking for suggestions!

Ore Release: TeslaCrate v3.0.0-pr4.


  • Refactored component system (again) to better represent and handle functionality
  • New features:
    • Added cooldown keys, money keys, and money prizes
    • Added reward limits for rewards available x-number of times
    • Added automatic reward generation from prizes
    • Added display-item generation for name and lore
    • Added user key menu (gui and text) for viewing keys
    • Added user crate menu (gui and text) for viewing available crates
    • Added confirmation menu when opening crates
    • Added location menu for viewing locations and teleportation
    • Added Chinese translation thanks to f0rb1d (PR#10)
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed issues in the default configuration (whoops!)
    • Fixed references ignoring custom display items
    • Fixed certain commands unnecessarily requiring locations
    • Fixed repetitive key success messages
    • Fixed various issues with interactions (see note above)

Additionally, I’d like to thank the TeslaCreators team for their help throughout this entire process with v3, as well as f0rb1d for their Chinese translation (PR#10). Thanks all! <3

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