Towny Advanced Official Thread

This thread is here to announce that Towny is receiving a major update to Sponge.

We’re currently working on a back-end database re-write, which means that the towny\data\ folder’s structure will change. Don’t worry though there will be a converter, so that anyone running a Towny server using Bukkit will be able to transfer their residents/towns/nations over.

The full re-write will allow us to bring some features which are long-requested by the community. Examples include town vs town war, custom plot types, and more.

Towny will be one of the few plugins to survive the entire hmod -> bukkit -> sponge transition.

If you have questions you’d like to ask of us regarding the move to Sponge, ask them here.


This is one idea I have had for a while but never got around to making it for Bukkit, but what if in Towny you could create chest shops that linked directly to a town’s bank? I don’t know if this is something you’d be interested in when you’re changing some features; if you’re not I suppose I might start work on something like that, but I just thought I’d throw that out there.


This is already possible, the town bank accounts are prefixed town-TOWNNAMEHERE, it would require a player with chestshop admin priviledges to make the shop itself.

This isn’t exactly safe though, if the chestshop were buying goods from players the town could be bankrupt and subject to removal come upkeep-time.

Wow I never realized that lol. Something so simple. Thanks for the tip though.

Any possibility of enabling LWC support so when towns get disbanded, all chests/doors/blocks are automatically remove and therefore, lootable?

I’ll be back with more suggestions as well.

I really love what towny is; great plugin and server essential. :slight_smile: <3

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This has been requested before and we’ve shot the idea down. If it were to happen, LWC would require an easy-to-use API to remove it’s own information in it’s database.

We’ve always recommended Lockette for this, as Towny already has the ability to allow mayors to clear plots of signs, and for fallen towns to delete their old signs.


Okay good to know. I wasn’t sure if it had been suggested before. I’ve always preferred Lockette over LWC personally (but we can’t make all the decisions, others liked LWC more :frowning: ).

For me it was never an option, I allow players to make full use of the wilderness on my server and lockette has an in-built option to disallow locking things in the wilderness.

Maybe some sort of region protection event could fire informing anyone interested in such things. Seems like this could be a “close to Sponge core” API. Maybe all the region/block security plugin/mod authors should get together and formulate a “standard”.

This is a pretty big long-shot. Protection plugins’ areas of protection can come in all shapes and sizes, making support for multiple plugins difficult. The best course of action is to chose one protection plugin.

Towny’s NPC Towns replaced WorldGuard on my server 2+ years ago and made things so much easier.

My members and I were talking and thought of something. We always loved the idea of nations but feel like it doesn’t serve much more than giving bonus plots and an extra chat channel. What if nation plots were somehow implemented?
The nation would get a homeblock. It could be next to or be part of any nation’s town, or even be at another location not connected to the towns. For every 1 resident in the nation, the nation would get 1 nation block to claim. Any nation plot can be sold or used like a towny plot by any resident in the nation. A towny permission node would be made so you could allow some players full permissions on the nation plots. By default Mayors would have permission but the server admin could add assistant or any other custom rank to get perms to build on unowned plots. The whole idea is to create a capital city for your nation and allow you to work on a project in conjunction with your nation members, while still having your own town project separate.

Thank you for your time and if you would like me to post this idea on the towny issues tracker I’d be happy to do that.


I haven’t kept up to the status of towny the last year or so. Is it possible by now to create plots that are not orientated on the chunk grid? Aka freeform plots? Because that would be great.

No, that is something which will never come to pass. Towny’s plot don’t have to be chunks but they are always uniform cells on a grid.

Dammit, it would be cool to be able to create freeform plots, although i also see the work that would be required to implement that. I like towny in general, but I’m simply not a fan of town plots simply looking all the same.

In my experience most protection plugins define rectangular/box like areas, or a composite of multiple regions. If someone is aware of a plugin that allows for something else I would be interested to know. (I don’t think circular world border regions would qualify, though I could be mistaken.)

WorldGuard actually allows freeform regions to a certain extend. I have never used that feature much though, so i don’t really know it’s limitations.

It’s not that it’s difficult to code cuboid protection, it’s that Towny is for admins who might not trust regular players with that sort of wand. There’s plenty of towny-like plugins that have cuboid protection, it’s just not a niche that Towny needs to fill.

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WorldEdit supports several selection shapes (listed here), but as far as I know, WorldGuard only supports the cuboid and poly selections. You can select a cylindrical area, then change your selection mode to poly to sort of convert it to a poly shape, then you can claim that.

Yes! thank you for this :smiley:

Hey i need help with the towny chat, im wondering if you can give a premade towny chat config file so it will look like this: [alliancetag][towntag][my permissionsex rank][playername]