UNMAINTAINED - 🌍 Nations [v2.5] - Towny-like protection plugin

Nations Pre-Release v0.3

Targets SpongeAPI v4.0.3


  • Improved config : now set default value if wrong value present
  • Added multi-world support (per world config)
  • Added nationworld commands
/nw info [world]
/nw list
/nw enable <world>
/nw disable <world>
/nw perm <perm> [true|false>
/nw flag <flag> <true|false>

I am encountering an issue. When i try to set the minister using /n minister add [playername] I get the error “Error occurred while executing command: No value present”

Ah indeed, I made a little mistake. Fixing the issue…

Nations Pre-Release v0.4

Targets SpongeAPI v4.0.3


  • Fixed error in while executing /n minister <add|remove> <player> command

Nations Pre-Release v0.5

Targets SpongeAPI v4.0.3


  • Fixed bug in data loading/saving
  • Fixed bug in /z create command
  • Fixed bug in /z sell command
  • Fixed bug in /z buy command
  • Fixed bug in /z coowner command

I have a few suggestions for the plugin.

  1. The ability to make a nation with no members. I would like to create a SafeZone and a WarZone for spawn and the pvp arena.

  2. A command with a separate permission to automatically give users the claiming tool.

  3. Ability to force flags. My server is a factions type setup and I would like to force all nations to enable fire, mobs, pvp and explosions. As well as having an admin override for SafeZone and WarZone

  4. A chunk text map to view claims.

As well, I’m not sure how well the per block claiming works. Perhaps a chunk claiming system would work better? With users having power, A nation that gets defeated in pvp a lot would eventually have lower power than their number of claimed chunks, A nation with more power than chunks claimed would be able to “steal” land.

Yeah you’re right that’s indeed necessary. I add that to the admin commands issue.

Hmm yeah that would be usefull but I prefer it to be an admin commands since some servers could want their players to have to get gold to create the axe before creating a nation. I also add it to the issue above.

I think I’m going to add per-flag permissions so nation staff (president and ministers) will need for example nations.command.nation.flag.fire to toggle fire in nation. :warning: Same thing with zones with zones.command.zone.flag.fire.

In fact, what made me make this plugin was simply because I need Towny in 1.9, and that as an admin I decided to switch to Sponge (all hail sponge). So this plugin can be considered as a handmade port of Towny. But I also wanted it to have a little plus : that is not to have the constraint of chunks when claiming.

Meaning if you want to have a nation like this if you want


Where each character is a block and each + is your territory.

That being said, having a chunk map like in Towny is not possible since we would have to differentiate each block in a too large area.

Thanks for your quick reply. Now that you explain it, a block based claiming system does work fairly well, It could allow for some interesting nations.

Regarding flags, I assume that if I don’t give users the permission nations.command.nation.flag they wouldn’t be able to change flags from the defaults defined in the configuration file.

Is this a towny replacement? Or is this a new towny plugin?

Oh yeah sorry I skipped the flag thing, I’ll edit my reply in a second.

Oh, yeah, I’d like not to be misunderstood. Precisely, the plugin is a Towny-like. It is not based on any code from the Towny project and is not an official port of the Towny project.

It’s only a plugin that’s inspired greatly by Towny’s mechanisms, but also with some differences.

Thanks. Is towny ever porting to sponge?

There’s a towny advanced official thread in the sponge forums.

Not sure if they still plan to port it though.

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I have a new bug to report. When a person tries to claim more land than blocks they have available their money disappears even though a transaction never took place.

Regarding regions with no members, Would it be possible to add a feature for those to have infinite blocks available? I am running into block size limits when creating my SafeZone.

Indeed, thank you for reporting that bug. Fixed here. It’ll be fixed when version 0.6 will be out.

For unlimited blocks it’s indeed required. I think we’ll have “admin” nations that will have no member, no money, no block limits etc. I’m still hesitating on how admin should be able to administrate them. It’ll probably be similar to how they edit player’s nation using admin commands.

I’m hesitating between two ideas :

  • First admins use a command to link them to a specific nation, then they use the usual president commands
  • Admins have dedicated commands replica to manage nations (e.g. /na nation <nation> flag <flag> <true|false>)

What do you guys think is the best solution ?

I think the dedicated commands would work best. Some admins may want to have their own nation and not have the possibility of a misclick enabling pvp in safezone.

Yeah you’re right. Here is a proposal for those commands :

/na forcejoin <nation> <player>
/na forceleave <nation> <player>
/na eco <give|take|set> <nation> <amount>
/na flag <nation> <flag> <true|false>
/na perm <nation> <type> <perm> <true|false>
/na setname <nation> <name>
/na setpres <nation> <player>
/na delete <nation>

This is not working with EconomyLite, you might need to look at using a more trimmed down account name.

[06:35:21] [Server thread/ERROR] [economylite]: Value too long for column “ID VARCHAR(36)”: “‘nation-1ccf72eb-1ca7-4a84-b14b-e587691a09a2’ (43)”; SQL statement:
INSERT INTO economylitevirts (id, balance, currency) VALUES (?, ?, ?) [22001-191]

Also if you try and do /n create test, and you don’t have enough money to start a nation it says “An unexpected error occurred.”

That is an issue with EconomyLite, it has been fixed in v2.0.5.

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The unexpected error occurred message still shows if balance is below what nations needs, there don’t seem to be any further details than that, no error logs etc. Tested on TotalEconomy and it does not happen, so its something particular to EconomyLite (2.0.5 build).

Also feature request:
The option to disable the chat notifications when entering/exiting nations.
The option to have enter/exit notifications show as an action bar message, or a title, instead of chat.