UNMAINTAINED - 🌍 Nations [v2.5] - Towny-like protection plugin


could u add something like a friendly fire option?


Do you mean like pvp ? Would it be something like a flag ?


for example:
a Nation declares war on another Nation...
But in a fight i would like to Prevent freindly fire :slight_smile: and the Names should be colored ^^


That's a good idea. I'll probably add that when I'll take care of a alliance/war system.


Big thanks to @mirisbowring for translating Nations into german ! Get the translation here.

Vielen Dank ! :clap:


Nations Pre-Release v0.8

:warning: Anti-build system is not working in that version. That will be solved in v0.9.

Targets SpongeAPI v5.0.0


  • Updated to minecraft 1.10.2 (SpongeAPI v5.0.0)
  • Fixed things


Just a heads up that the anti build in this latest update is not functioning.

Same issue as here https://forums.spongepowered.org/t/changeblockevent-cancel-has-no-effect/


Indeed. Thanks for reporting that issue. I'll add a warning on that v0.8 build of Nations.


Hey, @Arckenver, on a whim I went through the languages file and translated the entire thing to norwegian; how do you want the translations?


Thank you very much ! You can send its content to me by private message on the sponge forums. I'll add it to the repo and give you credits on the post :wink:


Big thanks to @Myaskill for translating Nations into norwegian ! Get the translation here.

Tusen takk ! :clap:


:warning: Anti-build system is not working in that version. That will be solved in v0.9.

Im guessing this means players can build in admin claims? Any news on when the update will come Grief Protection isnt cutting it right now.


It's because I updated to SpongeAPI v5.x.x but it's still bleeding. I'll backgrade to API 4.x.x and wait for the right time to update again. :wink:


Nations Pre-Release v0.9

Targets SpongeAPI v4.2.0


  • Backgraded to SpongeAPI v4.2.0 (minecraft 1.8.9)
  • Fixed issue#3, now money amount formatting is entirely up to the economy plugin


so no API5 xD There goes my chance of using this lol


Nations Pre-Release v0.10

Targets SpongeAPI v4.2.0


  • Added /na reload command for config reloading
  • Allowed nations, zones and spawn points to be written using letters with accents and ideographic characters
  • Added language support for things that weren't translatable
  • Added nations.admin.nation.listall permission allowing players to see admin nations when typing /n list

:gem: MightyLoot [v2.1][API 5] - TreasureHunt-like plugin

Language update

Languages files have been updated with new english lines. I humbly ask my dear translators @mirisbowring and @Myaskill if they don't mind translating these new lines so the german and norwegian files get up to date, I'd be really grateful !

You can either send me the new content by PM, a link to a pastebin or whatever. This commit might help you see what has been added and removed from the language files.


Hi, Arckenver. I have finished the translation file. I tried to upload this file in this website, but it didn't support it. Thereby I uploaded it in here: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZKE0fZxoBkFN1pcq5yCgRjYPD8a8M6g10y
It is a chinese translation.


Big thanks to @Jinlin_Chen for translating Nations into chinese ! Get the translation here.

θ°’θ°’ ! :clap:


:relaxed: You are welcomed.