UNMAINTAINED - 🌍 Nations [v2.5] - Towny-like protection plugin


The German Translation Update is ready:

good progress btw :wink:


Updated to the repo as of this commit.

Thank you very much !


Will this be getting an API 5 update soon?
I'm able to create a nation and it seems just about everything is working besides land claiming. It isn't recognizing the golden axe.
Loving the setup so far though. Great work.


Thanks for your interest in Nations. Here is the dev plan so far

  • Nations v0.x releases target API v4.x.x. Those are pre-release versions. Considered unstable.
  • Nations v1.x releases target API v4.x.x. Those will be official LTS versions for minecraft 1.8.9. Will only be updated for bug fixes
  • Nations v2.x releases target API v5.x.x. Those will be official releases and the continuation of Nations for minecraft 1.10.2 and all eventual future features.

v1.0 and v2.0 will be out at the same time : when SpongeAPI v5.x.x gets Snapshot or Release (see here).


Awesome @Arckenver, good job !

By any luck, do you plan on allowing an economy-free setting ?



What would you mean by economy-free ?

Currently, the plugin is built so that each time it has to access the economy API and no economy plugin is present. It cancels the operation it was supposed to make and alerts either the player when typing a command or the console for upkeep collecting for example. Also, if a given operation does not need the economy API (i.e. admin nation creation), plugin ignores it even if no economy plugin is present.


And it does exactly that right now, good job again !

But my question was about a server who doesn't use economy, or at least not on this form (plugin, ...), we can't use Nations at all, and it could be nice to be able to use this plugin without any form of payement :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, the concept of economy is deeply part of the core of Nations. Changing it so it could not depend on an economy plugin anymore would be a huge task.

However I see here a trick that could emulate this sort of feature, but I'm still not sure about what you exactly want. An acceptable idea would be to change the plugin so when it has to perform a transaction, if price is set to 0, it doesn't query the economy API. But that would mean setting all prices to 0, including nation creation price, taxes, upkeeps etc. And I'm not sure it's what you want. Is it ?


It's absolutely what I'm looking for, yes :slight_smile:

But as I can see in your source code, it's indeed deeply linked right inside your code, without any form of abstraction (like getPrice, or something, or I missed it), what I'm asking would be a pain to implement :frowning:


Then the code needs more abstraction for that, and that it has to be done. :wink:

I'll look further into this very soon.


It would be awesome (for us at least :smiley: ), but I don't wan't to force you, thanks for the time you put in the project :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, after beginning to work on that, it seems such a feature would be too much work to implement. The code is as you said to deeply linked with the economy API.

Another solution I see for your problem would be to put a "fake economy plugin". That is a plugin that would implement the economy API, by saying yes to any transaction request without saving any data on the accounts. If that solution interests you, I could probably quickly make one and upload it.


It's indeed a solution ! :slight_smile:

It would be more than good for me :smiley:


Here is a first shot. Please test it so if it works, I'll make it an official plugin.

I've uploaded it here.


Fast ! :smiley:

Sadly, I have this error upon start : https://paste.clapity.eu/?ea8134e30c4a0ed7#ThK9QL9K05nVRxelfqkzKNM+fVVufjp1KY3fHP6XZHY=

But the plugin is loading, but Towny is giving me this error when I try to create a town : https://paste.clapity.eu/?7d59c2e277b0d129#kzhEwHPeuG552arjHt/8WAmV6TGL0LCsYABXsCIdYkA=


First error is probably caused by using SpongeAPI v5.x.x isn't it ? For now Nations is only compatible with SpongeAPI v4.x.x (see dev plan above).

Second error comes from the FakeEconomy plugin. Thanks for reporting, it came from oversight on my part :sweat_smile:. Here is a fixed version of the FakeEconomy plugin.


Having the same problem as Michael_Ware. I can't select an Area with the golden Axe. Everything else works brilliantly. Any ideas?

Btw: Great Plugin! :slight_smile:


I'll bet it is because you are using a SpongeAPI v5 implementation. For now Nations targets v4. I'll will update it as soon as v5 stops getting marked as bleeding.

Thanks for your nice words. :slight_smile:


Just the plugin I was looking for! Is it possible to add a nation's prefix?


Thanks for your interest in Nations.

What exactly do you mean by nation's prefix ? Where would it be shown ?