What event for what action?

Hello guys,

I’m having a hard time trying to set up my listeners. I don’t really get what event I should listen for a given action in the game. I don’t like to have to ask it like that since I think it’s a bit rude, but would you know what event I should listen to for these “in-game actions” :

  • PvP
  • Fire spreading
  • Mob looting

Also I tried to listen to ExplosionEvent.Pre but I got a warn that says (in short) The method public static void onExplosion(...) on ... has Listener but has the wrong signature
I saw this post but that doesn’t seem to be the solution I am looking for is it ?

I believe it should be just public void onExplosion(...)

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Agreed, it musn’t be static

  • PVP
    Use the DamageEntityEvent. You can get the damaged entity with DamageEntityEvent#getTargetEntity().
    The source is found by putting onPVP(DamageEntityEvent event, @First EntityDamageSource source) (or using the Cause) and then checking if the entity is a player.

  • Fire spread
    See here: Listening to Fire

  • Mob Looting: HarvestEntityEvent

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Actually it looks like HarvestEntityEvent doesn’t have any methods to get the items dropped, um

Probably have to use Causes in ConstructEntityEvent to get the items dropped maybe?

Oh yeah, I don’t know why I set it static, thanks !

So do you think there is a way to modify the items dropped by a mob when it dies ?

You may need to wait for DropData and DropTables to be implemented for that.

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Ok thanks. I’ll wait then :wink: