Core v2.8.1c

##Renamed to Nexus! Check it out here.


Would you be willing to add the /I command from the original plugin essentials? (/I 54 1)

Also /mute (time) and /unmute

Hi stephen,

since the latest version (1.8.1a) you can mute and unmute players so they can’t chat and use /msg or /reply. A reason is optional :smile: Don’t forget to add the following line in your configuration file so the command can’t be abused:


I will definitely add “/i” and “/give” as soon as the ItemBuilders are properly implemented as there are a lot of problems at the moment!

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I don’t understand why you made this plugin if another plugin already does the same exact thing which is sponge essential cmds [DISCONTINUED] EssentialCmds [v8.1.14]

For the same reason there is more than one plugin to manage the economy. To offer new things.


We always need alternatives.

That’s why I am busy porting UltimateCore :smiley:

Even if there’s another plugin doing the same: alternatives are good! :smile:
And it’s good to see new devs here to while Sponge matures.

So, welcome aboard, @CreepsterLGC! Have a nice stay!

Regarding the plugin:
It’s possible that it will break with Sponge 592 and later as almost all events have been refactored and/or renamed. The devs decided that it’s best to break everything again just yet instead of waiting to do so… :smile:

I’m not sure which build of Sponge will have these changes, though.


How about later on when plugins go abandoned or inactive? Or you just don’t like the plugin’s features/it has bugs, there should be a lot to choose from so you can choose what’s best for the server.

Also, @CreepsterLGC how did you override commands that come with Sponge like /ban and /kick?

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MC’s builtin commands have lower priority than any plugin-registered commands, so plugin commands will by default override MC commands.

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I just got done checking this plugin out on my Sponge Development server, and I have to say, it’s extremely lightweight and very usable, I’m sure the sponge community appreciates the amount of work you’ve done to ensure that a stable platform of plugins can be setup :>

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Is there a command similar to the essentials tppos command? this plugin overrides the regular minecraft teleport command so i can’t do something like “/tp Coakie 56 66 43” and teleport to coordinates or anything

Hey guys :wink: Thanks for all the comments! Core has been updated to version 1.8.2b. The following commands have been added:

/heal [player]
/feed [player]
/kill [player]
/broadcast <message>

I hope you enjoy it!


Thank you Tzk! I will care for the next releases then! :+1:


Thanks for testing it! Iam glad you like the plugin :smiley:


There are currently some problems with the implementation when loading chunks at the target location / porting in general. But thats definitely a command I will add to the plugin as soon as a 100% bugfree version of the command is possible :smile:

PS: I also think that it’s good to have some alternatives! For example I always liked both: Essentials as well as CommandBook. Then there was a plugin called “xWarp” but as it broke due to inactivity I was glad that another plugin of this kind exist (MyWarps) :yum:

This looks awesome. Keen to put it on my server when I get home.

Is this open source?


Thanks! I hope you enjoy it! :wink:


Good call! Here we go: Github

I suggest adding a and a proper license :wink:

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Both added! Core is now licensed under the MIT license :grin: The readme file has to be expanded a bit :yum:

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###Core 1.9.0a has been released!

Which means that you now got access to a pretty comprehensive ticket system which is working with Core’s own pagination service. Hope you enjoy the update! If you do, let me know guys :wink:


Added commands:

/ticket create <message>
/ticket view <id>
/ticket list [player]
/ticket tp <id>
/ticket comment <id> <message>
/ticket assign <id> <player>
/ticket priority <id> <priority>
/ticket <open|close> <id>
/ticket clear

Added permissions:


Issue: Anyone who has permission to core.warp or some of the other perms like that are able to set warps for everyone. I would like to have it where only staff can set warps and the normal people can warp to them. I don’t like the idea that normal people can create warps for it would hide the main ones. Besides the obvious fact of people creating inappropriate warps or death traps.

There are permissions for this since the first release:

core.warp.create - Allows player to set 1 warp.
core.warp.create.<1-100> - Allows player to set X warps.
core.warp.create.unlimited - Allows player to set unlimited warps

Otherwise it would indeed be kinda odd :smile:
Hope this helps!