I am Husk's lead developer here to clear up confusion and answer questions


Firstly, I’d like to clear our name of flaming in this community. The individuals choosing to flame Sponge about Husk are pretty clearly trolls.

I am InvokeStatic. I am the lead developer for the Husk project. If you haven’t heard, we are developing a platform similar to Sponge.

There is clearly some blatantly false information being disseminated on these forums and elsewhere, so I thought it would be a good idea to clear up the misinformation.

If you have any other questions, another dev and I are here to answer questions.

Q: Are you affiliated with Mojang or Microsoft?
We state very clearly on our website that we are not affiliated. The person who started this rumor is an obvious troll.

Q: Is this a joke?

Q: Is Husk open-source?
Yes. We will use the Apache 2.0 license on release. The Apache license is almost identical to Sponge’s license.

Q: Who are you guys?
I’m a pretty experienced Java developer and server owner. I learned much of my Java bytecode manipulation from making and working on other Runescape bots.

Q: Why haven’t you released Husk yet?
Well, firstly, it’s not finished. Some big features of Huskd are still incomplete and we’d like to have these features finished off very soon. We are also dealing with some licensing and legal issues (unrelated to DMCA) that also take up a significant amount of time.

Stuff that is incomplete:

  • Built in proxy
  • Instrumentation on Linux

Q: You said previously that it would be released in a matter of weeks.
I recently went back to school, and unfortunately school has taken up most of my time. We cannot give any good estimate.

Q: Why did you decide to compete with Sponge instead of work with it?
We have ideological differences with some of the developers on the Sponge project. We also believe that competition is a good thing for both projects.

Q: Why is your website unfinished/have broken links?
We’d like to focus on making a great product rather than ironing out the website.

Q: Will it be compatible with Sponge plugins?
Maybe. Anyone can re-implement any API and run it along side Husk and HuskBukkit. It’s how our platform works.

Q: Will Husk be multithreaded?
Not until the vanilla server is multithreaded.

Q: Is Husk illlegal/DMCA-able?
No. We do not redistribute Mojang or CraftBukkit code. We’ve spoken to a couple of IP attorneys and we’ve determined that we are pretty much safe from any DMCA request from either Mojang or the community.


Another husk dev here willing to answer questions as well :smile:.

If it’s open source - then where’s the source?

This is answered by question #5.

It is not, it simply states it’s incomplete. Sponge is waaaay incomplete but have the source on Github already, with pull requests and everything. I have yet to see that from ‘Husk’.


Alright, tl;dr but the first thing I saw…

Is not true. We’re quite a nice community and the reasons why were reacting hostile towards Husk are that one of your “Supporters” flames around on our forums, and the fact that you make tons of claims that you won’t/can’t prove.

Next thing…

You don’t even provide basic information on your website, you should do that.
That’s why Husk looks so suspicious to most of us.

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The stuff that they say in their posts make it pretty clear that they are trolls, saying stuff like we’re 100% supported by Microsoft or whatever they said.

I’ve been lurking this forum for a while.

Simply provide the needed information (Developers, GitHub) on your website before making claims that you have to explain on another community’s forum afterwards…

Also, instead of posting here, shouldn’t you be coding Husk?


Interesting post, welcome @InvokeStatic


You mean illegal, or?

So it’s been confirmed that the false pretenses that made us believe Husk was complete nonsense has been untrue. I don’t think @InvokeStatic is calling you a troll @MrMysteri0us, but rather the @TelFiRE guy who was making the false claims. It feels a bit as if we’re still scrutinizing and flaming him for trying to clarify, which doesn’t seem quite right. At this point, it seems he is justified. What happens from here is up to their team, even if they choose not to divulge their source. It has very little to do with Sponge.

He probably could be off working on Husk if it wasn’t for us giving his project a bad name here before it’s even remotely ready to be judged.

As he stated, the Sponge team (if not necessarily the community as it seems) agrees that competition is good (keeps both teams on their toes in implementing good things and keeping people interested). Even if you’re not inclined to show support for non-Sponge APIs, it’s probably not best to harass them now that the misunderstandings are cleared up.


He wouldn’t have to waste his time here if he had just made his website functional and provided basic information right at the beginning.

It’s a placeholder, as is Sponge’s. Sponge’s information is mostly in Google docs at any rate. It’s true that they could document, but it’s doubtful they have the team Sponge has, and less time to spend documenting something like that in this early a stage. Most attention brought to it seems to be via external sources, and not via Husk, so it’s likely they weren’t prepared for the traffic.


True. Time to change my hostile view of this whole thing.


A bit contradictory, which is it?

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We currently use licensed software in Husk that I’m currently working on to remove/recode prior to release.


Not really. They didn’t say the legal issues were pertaining to the DMCA takedown in particular. As I suppose @brenhein just mentioned anyways XD

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Thank you for the clarification, also it might help to edit the post to say it that way so others do not see it the same way I did.

For example:
“We are also working out some software licensing and legal issues (unrelated to the DMCA) that also are taking up a significant amount of time.”

The fact remains, this is simply not how free open-source software works. “Release early, release often,” is the motto. It would undoubtably be better to release partial source (the Mojang-free code) now than full source later. Then, those of us who can understand what we’re seeing will fight ferociously to dispel any false claims. I know I would. But you haven’t given me anything whatsoever to work with. That source part is a really important part of open-source.


If that was a viable option, we would have done that. That is why @brenhein is working to remove it completely from the source now.

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