IP Forwarding plugin for Modded Servers

Note to Sponge Staff: I’m putting this in “Server Discussion” because this isn’t a Sponge plugin - it’s a BungeeCord plugin that will only benefit SpongeForge server owners. Please feel free to move this to a more appropriate place.

IP Forwarding plugin for BungeeCord - zero-config IP Forwarding for modded SpongeForge servers

This BungeeCord plugin has one simple task - it enables IP Forwarding for Forge 1.8+ servers running SpongeForge without any extra configuration. So, if you run a 1.8+ Forge & BungeeCord network, this Bungee plugin is for you.

You do NOT need this plugin if you are only running SpongeVanilla servers, or non client-modded SpongeForge servers - but it won’t harm you if you have it installed.

This plugin is hopefully temporary until this PR on the BungeeCord repo is pulled, and is simply a plugin variant of the same code.

I am aware that there is a previous plugin (SpongePls) that does the same thing, but it requires configuration. This plugin is much simpler and is zero config. However, if you are using SpongePls successfully, there is no need to switch to this plugin. This simply makes use of a newer version of the IP Forwarding system available in Sponge.

###Download Bungee Plugin

###How to use

Remember, this is NOT a Sponge plugin. Do not add to your Sponge mods directory, add to your BungeeCord plugins directory.

###Source Code

Note that this will not compile without adding a location for, or a local copy of, the “bungeecord-proxy” library. It doesn’t seem to have been uploaded to Sonatype…


Why don’t we use waterfall? It seems Waterfall is more active than bungeecord and fixed this already.

There is nothing stopping you using Waterfall if that’s what you want to use. I’m aware they fixed this issue (I got tagged in the PR because they used my code), but some people will just want to use stock Bungee with a plugin. This gives them the choice to do so.

What’s waterfall? I’ve never heard of it… does it have a website i could check out? Google is unresponsive…

Well I should say that this bungee plugin should be very useful… Thanks for your work. The Waterfall pull request from your code:

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You’re very welcome.

@dualspiral work with latest sponge , forge, and bungee version ?^^
Thanks !

Try it! I have no idea, if it needs fixing, I’ll fix it.

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Okay i have already SpongePls so i test this plugin and if it doesnt work i try use your plugin ^^
(I think i test even if sponegpls work to test both : 3 )

Will be possible create small serverside mod, which add bungeecord and ip forwarding support to pure forge server?

I suggest you to use Waterfall instead of bungeecord, as bungee is not in active development. Waterfall also has ip forwarding support to pure forge server.

You’ve completely misuderstood what he’s asked for.

No it doesn’t, or rather, Forge needs to support Waterfall or Bungee. That’s why he’s asking for a Forge mod to enable the IP forwarding. He’s not asking for Bungee changes.

Bungee IS in active development, Waterfall is a fork that just happens to be more active, and tries to do more cutting edge stuff. Please don’t misrepresent the situation.

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I assume you’re asking because you want to have a 1.9 server on your network?

In theory, yes, but I’m not really caught up with ASM and core mod stuff, which is what would be needed.

yes, I would like connect 1.9 forgeserver to network

Using Waterfall Build #13 and spongeforge-1.9.4-1954-5.0.0-BETA-1429 everything works normally. When using spongeforge-1.9.4-1954-5.0.0-BETA-1435 through spongeforge-1.9.4-1954-5.0.0-BETA-1444 (most current version) the client displays the “Logging in…” message but never leaves that screen.

Waterfall and the Minecraft server both show in the logs all the normal connection entries as if everything is working normally. Deleting the world folder and reloading the Minecraft server still results in the same message.

Logging into the Minecraft server without using Waterfall (reverting the offline/ipforwarding/bungeecord settings to defaults) works normally. Once a user has done this putting the server back under Waterfall works normally until the client is restarted. A user that is stuck on the “Logging in…” message appears in the world and can even be moved around with the /tp command.

I can file an issue on GitHub and do more testing if you like. If this needs to be sent in as a Sponge bug any insight on what is happening would be appreciated for when I open the issue.

Thanks for the great plugin!

If you are using Waterfall, you do not need to use this plugin at all. Remove it!

The question is better directed at the Waterfall guys, not me.


Thanks! I had kept using your plugin out of habit when I switched to Waterfall. Should have realized it wasn’t needed. :blush:

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So i am trying to understand how this all works. Do you have to have a spigot server with bungeecord as a hub to send to your sponge forge servers?

No, you just need this plugin installed on Bungee and the Bungee module enabled on Sponge. No Spigot server is needed.

Alternatively, just use Waterfall, it includes the code in this plugin so that might be easier.

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