Need Plugins

Don’t know if any of the people who made these plugins for bukkit are in here or not, but here are the following plugins i use in my server!:

and Worldguard!

if any of the people who created these plugins visit this site or if anyone knows of any other plugins that are similar or whatever, please let me know!

Look in the Plugins sub catagory. Some of these exist, or similar. PermissionsEx, a couple Essentials like plugins, few economy plugins, Theres a TreeAssist like plugin, can’t remember the name, FoxGuard, is a WorldGaurd like plugin…Sponge doesn’t require anything like Vault. Browse around

BookRules - Kits by Hassan has this ability. [quote=“HassanS6000, post:256, topic:7099”]
Release v1.5c:
Added a book that can be given to players on first join. It can be configured in book.conf under the data folder of kits. This feature was recommended by @Jeremiah_Summers. It can be toggled in the config.conf

Chair Stairs - CraftBook is working on this, or might already have it.

ChestShop - SpongyChest is currently a WIP - Click Here for Thread

Easy Elevator - No current dedicated plugin or implemented plugin, might want to head over to the Plugin Requests category and request this to be made.

Essentials - EssentialCmds by Hassan

Grief ProtectionData - Prisim , MapLog , or [This which is still WIP]
(GriefPrevention Official Thread [1.10/1.11/1.12] TOWN/WECUI Support)

iConomy - Total Economy, CraftConomy, Fedora’s Economy

Lift - Not exactly the same thing and still WIP, but Lift Plates by @zml might work.

Lockette - I think Red Protect has this ability.

MineReset - Another one I do not think has been created yet.

Minigames - While there is not plugin quite as module are creative as Minigames there are a bunch of independent minigame plugins all you have to do is just search.

PermissionsEx - @zml has already ported this over to Sponge you can get it here

Plugin Metrics - Again, no plugin, of my knowledge, that has been created yet.

Revamped Chest Protection - Probably could use one of the aforementioned grief protection plugins.

TreeAssist - Again, no plugin, of my knowledge, that has been created yet.

Vault - This will not be ported many economy plugins will implement Sponge’s build in economy API

Wireless Redstone - Again, no plugin, of my knowledge, that has been created yet.

WorldEdit & World Guard - Temporarily ported over by @Minecrell and is WIP by the dev @sk89q and you can get it here: World Edit

WorldGuard - Still WIP by @sk89q but other plugins such as FoxGuard

I found all these by doing searches on the forums and github. Also would recommend you take a look at the Plugin Releases category and take a look around.

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TreeAssist - Tree Destroyage


awesome thanks you guys

You can take a look at my project MCClans. Of the projects on Sponge I think it comes the closest to SimpleClans.

PluginMetrics seems to work but there is only the source. So you have to compile it yourself.

ok forgive me if i come out to sound like an ass or whatever, but i wish people would just say which version of minecraft these plugins are for instead of only saying version 1.4.0 or .4.something.something or whatever. just to save the trouble for ppl like me who aren’t techno smart or whatever you call it. Cause i have no idea what it means

The api version is the only relevant info you need. The can be several minecraft versions “combined” in one sponge version.
Indeed I would like to see a list that maps the sponge and Minecraft versions together. But yet there aren’t that many versions.

Usually if plugin use latest sponge dependency through gradle or maven, you shouldn’t have to worry about plugins being out of date.

Isn’t that an analytics tool you can install on a plugin to know statistics on who uses your plugin? It is something to include with your plugin, not something to install.

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For some Bukkit plugins Pore will allow SOME bukkit plugins to work. Try to use as many sponge plugins instead of bukkit plugins. If there are no replacements for your plugins use Pore as a temporary fix. Simpler the plugin the better it will work.

does pore even work right now?

For some plugins yes. It can be used as a temporary fix for some things. Thats why I suggested it. Its doing ok so far.

Is there a list bukkit plugins somwhere that shows what works with pore?

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Nope. Just try it yourself and report back.

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Don’t know, never used it.

But other plugins use it, even Spigot itself has Plugin Metrics integrated in it. Any plugin, and lots and almost most of the popular plugins includes Plugin Metrics or other kind of metrics. It is not something you use, it is something that is included in almost all Bukkit plugins and it is something you can opt-out of by changing the value inside Plugin Metrics folder.

Forgive me for this long explanation, but most people don’t know what plugin metrics is. And I agree this is not the best explanation. :stuck_out_tongue:

A list like that may take forever. It may even include features that work and don’t work which will take longer. I may make up a list sometime in the future for people to use.

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