Planning plugin development projects

i’d strongly recommend those of us interested in plugin development for Sponge give some indication as to the plugins we intend to work on.

There are clearly a number of plugins that are critical to server owners and will be essential to people when ever Sponge happens to reach beta. I’m talking economy plugins/APIs, essentials-style tools, protection tools, etc.

Let’s try to organize information about which projects will be ported by their authors, which projects will need new authors, which new projects are looking for help, etc. If two people are planning the same plugin, maybe you can work together and come up with a better product.

For my part, I’ve made public on reddit and few other places that I’ll be rewriting Prism for Sponge. Not only because it needs to be ported, but there’s a lot I’d like to improve in the code (prism grew rapidly) and because i was in the middle of preparing a rewriting/stripping things out when bukkit “died”.



I would be willing to help contribute to projects that need porting to sponge. Contact me if interested

We can go ahead and mark Worldedit and WorldGuard off the list since obviously the author of those two is the owner of Sponge.

I’d be willing to support any projects that need an extra set of hands. I just want some more Java practice and being a CS minor college student I think I could help out some :wink:

There’s basically this same post going on here:

We’re all too excited for everything Zeus. So many new things to talk about!


I’ll be rewriting my lift plugin. Lord knows the code needs it. Not the most exciting plugin but it should be dandy!

I’ll just be porting my plugins over: FactionsUUID (factions 1.6.x branch with uuids), ObsidianDestroyer and PlayerVaults.


I’ll probably be porting over all of my plugins. StackableItems will be nice to get a rewrite on as it became a complicated mess and still doesn’t work as well as I’d like. The rest of mine are all small plugins that will be fairly easy to port over.

I’ll also likely be porting over THDigi’s RecipeManager, which I just recently started maintaining. If anybody wants to help with that, it’d be awesome as it is extremely complex, but provides great flexibility in adding custom recipes.

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Developers for CommandBook and CommandHelper have also stated they’d follow WorldEdit when the time comes. I poked Drakia about Stargate and he said may move it over to Sponge. (though continued development has stopped)

I imagine a list of useful abandoned plugins might be better, or maybe a place people can make porting requests in the future.


There are a few that I will be converting. Most of the plugins here.

Does anyone know if ClickSort or anything similar to ClickSort will be ported over? If not I can probably helm the steed of that.

I’ll be doing my best to port some of desht’s plugins, namely sensible-toolbox. (more than I can chew, so any help will be appreciated)

Idea: why not get a porting team that handles porting plugins, that way we don’t have many half-ported plugins, but can whip out 2 or 3 in a week if we all work together?

I will be porting over a few of my plugins, including BowSpleef.

I will also work on porting my custom SurvivalGames plugin that is compatible with multiverse. To those of you offering to port plugins over that you do not own or develop for, remember that those authors are the owners of the code and you do not have the right to port over someone else’s project.

Hopefully enough plugins get ported over to Sponge after it launches that it satisfies the server owners.

I will be porting MobArena (finally a great chance to refactor for flexibility and extensibility).


I will porting KillerMoney, but we should make an economy system.

@octoshrimpy: I’d be willing to hop on that team!

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I’ll be porting over MultiInv, MonsterBox, EnchantAnything, EnjinMinecraftPlugin as well as help get DisguiseCraft ported over as well. I’ve also been talking to BigScary and he is going to be heading up the porting of GriefPrevention as well.


I’ll be porting over my Waypoints plugin. It’ll be an opportunity to re-design it to better serve as a general purpose portal management system.

Maybe, I can make an economy plugin, if necessary