[Request] A list off plugins i wanna request!

So i have been looking trough the forums and i have noticed that the plugins i would like to use aint exist or are outdated so here we go

Restarts the server after X [HH.MM.SS]
Announces the X mm’s before the server restarts

Prevents players to drop items
Says to the player who tries to drop items that he is not allowed to drop items

Run commands trough signs and add a cooldown

Follows a path/teleports a new player to certain points off the map and explains what can be done and what cant be done
[Needs to be cutomisable]
For example a new player joins my server the plugin activates and teleport the user to a PVP Arena then the text that was entered in the config appears infront off the user explaining what can be done and what cant be done

Gates that are triggered by button or lever or even signs
What it should to is when a button, sign, lever is triggered a certain set of blocks [Chosen by the user] will appear and once the lever,button,sign are used again these blocks/fences dissapear

it would be cool to prevent people from going into a certain place where you are repairing something

something that looks like this /pvp teleports you to a pvp server

so a plugin where you can give for example names to a server and people just have to type / and instantly be teleported to the server with that name i have seen alot off people using a plugin like that back in the good ol days but it was not a bungecord plugin that for sure coz they had no Hub where you did spawn in when joining the server so i gues it was a standalone plugin wich just used commands to teleport you between servers

A plugin that makes backups off the world and add em to a .zip after each x ammount of time given trough config, i have had problems with breaking something on the server and had to delete and edit the world manually which toke most off my time that i could have done something else

A plugin that looks if a mod inside the same folder has a update and will automatically download + Replace it with the old version i know on bukkit there was a plugin that did such things eventough not all the plugins where included in it :confused: alltough would be cool coz i don’t wanna update all the plugins inside my mods/plugin folder manually

A pixelmonPlugin:
This is just a custom idea i currently had, So i am running a pixelmon server and to make it harder for the oponent and to make it harder to farm TM’s/HMs/Money & ofcourse badges i tough why not use like 3/4 different teams so i was thinking would it be possible to make a plugin to make like 3/4 teams

so there are like 8 gyms and 4 Elite 4’s we all use different type off pokemon and we all use like 2-4 different teams (2-4 teams off 6 different pokemon) so i was thinking about something like this

/e41 ;Team number is the number of the team that the user wants
/gr [Note to mention: gr stats for gym rock “Gym Rock Type”]
/gg [gg = Gras Gym “Gym Gras Type”]
/gf [gf = Gym Fly Type]
/gp [gp = Gym Poision Type]

and then the same for the others all gyms are listed in the image bellow

I know what happened to Pixelmon but that does not mean servers cant stay allive :slight_smile:

For now i will need to look further to find what else i need and is not existing

Server restart plugin:

Command on sign


Sadly i could not find in my quick search the other two. But 3/5 isnt bad

[Command Signs]
I have command signs but it only has a [One Time] → [Contiously] the one i need is each 24 hours

Portals is only there to teleport or warp but i am looking for a plugin/mod where you have to place a frame and then choose/select certain blocks that have to work as a sort off gate for now i am using command blocks but the redstone triggers make the server lagg i can send you a schematic off how it looks like alltough the commands are not even filled in

(With gate i mean is prevent users from entering a area i am working/fixing some stuff in)

I’l give it a shot when i have time :slight_smile:

MCCReboot works fine :slight_smile: thx

Bumb added a new request to the top post

The “server port” plugin you described. That does sound like a bungeecord plugin. Its just the bungeecord server didnt have a hub server, they just took you right into the main world.

Either that or it teleported you to diffrent worlds on the server that had different plugins assigned.

The 2nd one is a bit more difficult as sponge does not have a per world plugins plugin for sponge. I don’t know if there ever will be due to the nature of sponge vs bukkit.

But i will say, as a developer myself, it is impossible to teleport a player between servers that are not on bungee.

then i’l scratch that :wink: thx anyways then there is the rest left ^^

with the 2nd one you mean AntiDrop? well :stuck_out_tongue: you can just make the plugins read the inventorys wait if they don’t support multiworld how’s project worlds working? o_O i also have other plugins wich work trough different worlds o_O

No i meant the 2nd way that you could have seen the “server port” world.

The aint drop is easy to create.

And dont worry. Plugins can indervidually be multi world supported.

It seems like ive confused you. Just forget the 2nd half of my last message XD

:smiley: i wish i could develop myself :confused: its just i don’t have the time to learn new things -_-

also don’t mention it xD i am working with a slow brain ^^

To be fair. I said i didnt have enough time to learn how to program. But i traveled from one place to another pretty much every day. So I started reading how to do it from my phone while traveling. It took me about 3 years of reading and practising (admittedly more practising the things i was already good at and developing plugins while i was learning - probably take someone who didnt get distracted easily a year) and i think im good enough to make any plugin.

nah its just i am doing 2 Things :wink: hosting a server and hosting a clan wich participates in tournements

And i was going to 2 colleges (uk colleges - 1 full time the other part time), working and hosting a server. I fail to see your point.

But ill stop pestering you about off topic stuff

Hosting a clan means 90% off the time i have to do team trainings search for new people, participate in tournements Do events with the group etc, the other 10% is spare time i use to build my server with other people which do it in their spare time so most off the time i am doing clan related stuff which is lemme calculate like 1am - 12PM which is from 1 in the morning to 23 since i live in europe so i only have an hour to work on the minecraft server hope you see my point now :wink:

oi thx :smiley: will try it out and leave feedback :smiley:

Pretty sure CraftBook has something in it that does that


will try these things out and let y know if it works as i want/as it should

the anti drop plugin was created

will test it when i have time :wink:

Still working on it, it is extremely basic right now, expect bugs.

i’l report bugs when i find something ^^

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