[Tutorial] Updated Eclipse Workspace Video - Mars + Buildship

I have updated my Eclipse tutorial for how to set up a Sponge workspace so that it now covers the “new” project layout (including SpongeCommon, my old video predated it) and also how to use new features in FG and in Buildship.

I strongly recommend following this tutorial if you plan to work on Sponge in Eclipse rather than following the instructions in the docs because the docs cover the old plugin (not Buildship) and also recommend using the console for gradle which is unnecessary when using Eclipse.

Hope this helps someone:


It’ll definitely help, as the docs pages you’re talking about are currently being revamped in a recent (but not-yet-merged) PR. We’ll do our best to incorporate this somewhere useful too, if you don’t mind :wink:

For anyone interested in updated information on the Docs:
PR#456 is what you should look at until it’s merged.