What is FLARD?


I am currently doing translation work on SpongeDocs, but I stumbled upon the word FLARD.
Use only as directed; excessive use of FLARD may rot your socks.
Can someone explain exactly what it is, so I can try to translate it?
BTW, I am translating it into Norwegian Bokmål, so if anyone knows a fitting word, I’ll just put it in.

[API 6.x/7.x] FoxGuard - The flexible world protection solution

Just leave it as it is. Actually there’s no need to translate it :wink:

@Inscrutable is the right person to explain FLARD.


FLARD is extremely volatile, and even translating it might set off all kinds of adverse effects. Leave it alone, and it might not notice your presence :slightly_smiling:

On a side note: glad to see someone pick up the bokmål-translation! It was about to die a horrible death due to inactivity :slight_smile:


Yggdrasyl Laboratories have had our best chemical engineers, biotechnicians and alternative philosophers working on this problem for … a long time. We have several valid answers, but they are somewhat contradictory. Suffice to say that the substance has emergent properties, and may even be capable of warping language used to describe it.

FLARD. As it says in the Pirate Translations; leave it alone and it’ll probably leave you alone.


I’ve been on the forums for several months now, and I’ve learned one thing about it: the definition is basically kept as “don’t ask, don’t tell”.


So, it’s one of those bugs that’s unnoticeable as long as you don’t touch affected code?.. And any little change in code will cause chain reaction, and bug will raise its ugly head?


That information is classified.

FLARD is a trademark of Yggdrasyl Laboratories. Any attempts to translate, alter, define or name your offspring after it will be met with both legal and paramilitary retribution.


Serious Mode since this may actually affect the quality of the docs: FLARD is an inside jokes of sort, and isn’t a proper word in English. It’s meaning hasn’t ever really be explained except in vague circumstances, and I don’t think anyone really knows what it is, they just have fun describing an imaginary unstable substance that does stuff. FLARD is potentially harmful.


Will give cookies to anyone who hacks into Yggdrasyl Laboratories to get the true definition of FLARD. :wink:


FLARD may or may not be SCP-447-2.

Things that are broken

Emitted from a spongy ball? If I weren’t afraid of the FLARD’s vengeance, I might have said this is close to conclusive evidence!


It may come into contact with a dead body if I slam my head repeatedly into my computer screen while attempting to decipher an undocumented section of the API. Experiment Log 447-A leads me to believe this would be a bad thing.


Some of these mysteries may be deeper than the nature of FLARD, such that only the wise dare meddle in them without risk of becoming forever entangled in the hidden mysteries of the universe, or losing their socks. Whomsoever may resolve these ancient quests shall be blessed of the FLARD (or not, as they so choose).