Inspector [v0.6.4] - Rollback, BlockTracking, and more!


I am waiting update for your notice of HassanS6000. Please hurry up.


Fake Fake ! Important notice user inspector of HassanS6000. No update and No fix. I feel very bad this plugin.


What... You know a lot of people around this time are busy, right?
And Hassan has a lot of plugins he's worked on to update, give it time.


Please stop spamming me, I'm working on it.

I do this in my free time, and when I get around to it, then it'll get done. I have no obligation to do this, and nagging me repeatedly does not help you or me.



He work's on his own time, not yours. Want something updated? Learn how to code then.


Ok. I will wait next. Thank you very much.


Oh I didn't see this plugin, can't wait to see future releases :thumbsup:

Nice to know that there is an alternative to Prism (thus I like it too).


Does this plugin works with Sponge API 5.2.0?


Can you update to API 7? :smiley:


This has been abandoned since April 2017



Also abandoned.

There is no logging/rollback plugins that are actively being worked on right now from what I’ve seen.
Prism and BlockMonitor seem to have stopped/paused development as well.


AS works for the latest version just fine, so it remains my recommendation. Efficient, and albeit incomplete, it manages latest SF servers just fine.