Need a list of solid plugins to record videos on

OK, I’ve been playing Minecraft for years and currently playing a Sky Factory 2.5 game with my best friend. I also have been following Sponge from it’s start. I pulled a copy and messed about with the server just a little bit. I went as far as installing Eclipse and following a hand full of tutorials for creating simple mods; blocks, items, crops, tools, armor, etc… Just to get some “basic” understanding.

Now my friend and I are planning on setting up a Sponge server to test different individual mods (ok plugins) on. With permission from the plugin owners we will record everything from downloading, installing, configuring, and testing followed up by a spotlight review of the mods.

I’d like to ask at this time if there is a list of solid, stable plugins that I should start with. I’m sure I’ll have to start with server side plugins but hopefully there are some client side. I’m looking forward to testing with Block 19 soon.

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Also look into:

There are of course many other decent plugins out there, but these are some of the ones I’ve used personally.


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You seem to misunderstand. Creating blocks, items, crops, etc. is a function of a mod. A mod can be both server side and client side. A plugin, however, is strictly server side, and is written for Sponge, whereas a mod would be written for Forge.

Right, I got that. I play mostly Forge mods, but have setup Bukkit servers and installed plugins before too. But I thought all things mods and plugins were going to be called plugins for Sponge.

Quite the contrary, on sponge, everything is a mod. :slight_smile:

Subtlety isn’t a skill I’ve worked on much.

That said thanks much for the list I’ll start looking at these and figure out what works for me and my friends.

I’m pretty sure he’s joking. Mods and plugins are mods and plugins, there’s been no name change. The only difference is they both go in the same folder.

@Socratic_Phoenix You are joking, right?

More or less.

The thing is, plugins get an file, go in the “mods” folder, and forge views them as mods… although it really doesn’t make a huge difference, the terms are basically interchangeable on sponge. I’d consider a plugin a server-side mod.

That’s how I was thinking of them without having the technical knowledge of the internal structure differences.

They’re using Forge’s specification. There’s still the fundamental difference of them not actually being and acting like mods.

To get back on topic, would be cool if you’d take a look at MCClans.

Also I’d recommend taking a look at Ore, the plugin repository at It allows for sorting on views / downloads if you’re looking for popular plugins. Do note though not every plugin has moved from the forums to Ore yet.
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Thanks @Kippers I was interested in using a Clan and or Faction plugin so I’ll put that on the list. And I’ll check the repository from time to time for updates now.

@pie_flavor I like it, I’ve put it in folder for review too.

I am one who didn’t upload my plugin to Ore because Ore is in beta stage. That means, the whole repo could be deleted and so all the front pages and work to set it up.

I wait for the possibility to automatically sync the GitHub to Ore.

Before I probably won’t take the move before.

But if you are interested, my plugins yet:

Doesn’t work because Minecraft seemed to changed a lot:

As @Socratic_Phoenix pointed to, you’re welcome to look at Nucleus, but bear in mind that it’s still quite rough around some edges (it is a Beta), and there are things that don’t quite work as they should (there seems to be an issue with /fly that I haven’t been able to reproduce yet, for example). So I don’t expect it to be perfect - I expect breakages here and there - but as long as you’re willing to play about and let us know what the problems are when you find them, then be my guest and include it!

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I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve never done much with Plugins before, it’s always been Forge mods and messing with modpacks. I have used Bukkit and played around setting up plugins but I guess I’m more a player type than an server admin type.

@Socratic_Phoenix I pulled all the Plugins you listed into my Sponge server to take a look at.
@RandomByte I’ll be looking at the ones you listed next, Thanks

I also because I focus on Forge mods mostly put Tinker’s Construct and EnderIO, would like if my other favorite mods updated to 1.8.9 or new better replacement mods come up.

I come from a Database design background and simple coding experience, hacking things together to make it work. Is anyone working to use Maven or something for back-ends like Bukkit did with MySQL? If I’m going to move towards server admin I’d like to get see all my plugins using a database for scalability, compatibility and sharing of dynamic resources.

I’m not entirely sure what you are asking, maybe I read your question wrong.

Are you asking if anyone is working on letting plugins use MySQL databases to store configuration/information? If so, then that is already possible for any plugin to do if the author so desires.

If that isn’t what you meant then please refine your question a bit.

I tend to make too say too much, or make too many point, or ask too many questions when posting. I get people confused a lot. Sorry.

Yes, that’s what I was asking.

But I guess more accurately is there a plugin being developed that would manage all other plugin’s configuration/information via MySQL even if the plugin doesn’t originally support it.