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How is this plugin supposed to work?

I have created inventories for a creative and a survival world, but when I use warp it doesn’t seem to work… all that happened is I lost everything, I then gave myself 64 wool in Creative and warp back to my Survival world and I still have 64 wool… Is there something I am missing?

What are using to teleport? I cannot guarantee this to work with other peoples plugins atm due to a workaround I’m using to detect if players have teleported. This shouldn’t be an issue once the proper events have been implemented into Sponge.

Haha PJP and PJW, after loosing my database with PJP I had to redo all my warps… so I know I am using PJP :stuck_out_tongue: . You’re killing me guy… If you didn’t do this for free I might just complain, lol

hmm…seems to be working fine for me.

Portals work, but warp, tpworld and warp signs are not consistent I have warp aliases in config/sponge/global.conf like:

    aliases {

So I am a little perplexed. In any case if you don’t want to troubleshoot and you think it’s fine… then maybe it’s just me…

Yeah ok, the signs I see are giving problems. I’m pretty sure it’s related to my workaround…I’ll see If I can do anything about it. Really hoping the needed events are implemented soon.

Sorry bud. You’re doing a good job though… I am rather impressed with your plugins, I wasn’t expecting an inventory plugin this soon, so just ignore me if it seems like I am giving you a tough time, I have worked for software devs and the response is always… works for me… so I had to laugh when you said that (that’s a software dev for ya). Thank you for the plugin either way, I do appreciate it and so does my son and his friends… well maybe not because when it does work it will mean the little cheaters will have to mine for diamond in survival and not keep stealing it from creative. Thus is life I guess.

Been there before. I worked for a company that wrote their own crappy software so I definitely know the feeling. Its also frustrating for me when people say things are broken and I can’t seem to replicate it.

I’m actually surprised I got something working this soon. I’ve started this project a while ago but shelved it until the needed parts of the inventory API were working. It should improve over time as I get a better grasp on how to use the inventory api and Sponge becomes a bit more complete.

It is almost there… I’m so excited… hope it works out for you, if not I guess I will just have to be patient. However, I am using your other two plugins PJW and PJP (I know you have more) and they are doing great so I have confidence when sponge is ready you will be to. Thanks again! I’ll watch for updates.

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What events do you need implemented?

I believe DisplaceEntityEvent.Teleport. monitoring player movement through the base event is inconsistent and isn’t gaurrenteed to fire when setting player location.

Do you just need an event when a player switches worlds?

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Yeah that would cover it

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So, do you want reports here or in GitHub issues?

PJI seemed to be working, then we started getting terrible lag and I found lots of errors related to PJI, so here I am.
Here’s the log (tell me if this is what you need):
I’m using SpongeForge 1164 and PJI v0.4.4.

Are you using a database created by the pre-released version? If so it’s not compatible with the released version. You have to start from a fresh database

That would be it. I assume that all players’ inventories will be emptied? How do I reset it, exactly?

Actually, the inventory wipe on install issue shouldn’t be a problem anymore, but might be a good idea to have players put there stuff in chests just in case. Can never be too safe. Go into config/projectinventories config directory and delete the data file.

Just curious - I haven’t looked at your code, but are you using SQLite?

The lastest build using H2 by default, but MySQL is also a config option.