[Request]Need Replacement Plugins! Switching to SpongeForge[1.12.2] from Thermos[1.7.10]

Im posting here cause im interested in peoples opinions on specific plugins or plugins i should consider adding to my server which is new and in pure alpha atm!

I had to switch from 1.7.10(Thermos) to 1.12.2(Sponge) since the modpack im hosting as a server upgraded!

This is a small list of plugins i found replacements for and i still need more replaced but im interested in opinions on what i have currently and recomendations to add!

Plugins i currently have:
AdamantineShield >> [Replacing >> Prism]
[Log Everything]

CarrotShop >> [Replacing >> ShopGUI]

catCleatLagg >> [Replacing >> ClearLagg]
[Lag Optimization]

EnjinDonations (Sponge) >> [Replacing >> EnjinDonations]**
[Get Sponge Version]

GriefPrevention >> [Replacing >> GriefPrevention and WorldGuard]
[Sponge Version] [Regions]

HuskyUI >> [Dependancy]
HuskyCrates >> [Replacing >> CratesPlus]

LuckPerms >> [Replacing >> PermissionsEx]
[Permission System]

MagiBridge >> [Replacing >> DiscordSRV]
[Minecraft Bridge Discord]

MineReset>> [Added (Replaces Command Blocks)]

Nucleus >> [Replacing >> Essentials(Chat - Spawn) - EssentialsKitManager - ColouredSigns - LiteBans - RandomTP - WorldBorder - SimpleRename]
[Core of Commands] [Colour Signs] [Kits] [Mute] [Kick] [Ban] [Warning] [Chat] [Random Teleport] [Sets Border] [PreGens] [Naming and Lore]

NuVotifier >> [Replacing >> Votifier]**
[Enables Votes]

PixelAutoMessage >> [Replacing >> AutoMessage]

PlayerGlow >> [Added]
[Donator Perks]

ProjectCore >> [Dependancy >> StackBan]
StackBan >> [Replacing >> GoreaRestrict]
[Item Ban]

SeriousVote >> [Replacing >> VoteRoulette]
[Vote Rewards]

TabModifier >> [Replacing >> Coloured Tags]**
[Coloured TabList]

TotalEconomy >> [Replacing >> Vault]

WorldEdit Forge Mod >> [Replacing >> WorldEdit]
[World Editing]

Plugins >> Replacements still Required
AntiAura---------------[AntiCheat] [AntiHack]
Multiverse Core---------[Custom Worlds]

To throw my hat in the ring, the two best general-purpose plugins I can offer are ActiveTime for logging players activity and CmdControl for things like command actions, aliases, and tasks (through extensions).

As for the other plugins on your list, I’ll make some notes of them below. However, I would be very careful with labeling anything as a replacement - if it’s not a direct port, then expect there to be some differences.

  • AutoBroadcasterSponge: With a bit of creativity, you can use CmdScheduler to handle this in combination with CmdControl’s message command.
  • Prism: I’m not aware of many people who actually use Prism - it’s outdated and I’m not sure if it’ll work on Sponge. I would look into AdamantineShield; it’s not as extensive as the original Prism but does a much better job with the features it has.
  • ProjectWorlds: Nucleus has a world module that can be used for creating and managing other worlds. It’s not a Multiverse replacement by any means, but most people used it just to have other worlds anyways. If that’s all you really need, then I strongly recommend sticking to Nucleus and avoiding ProjectWorlds.
  • TotalEconomy: Two notes here:
    • Sponge contains an Economy API that allows plugins to perform economy actions without depending on an external plugin. As such, there’s no Vault counterpart in Sponge (not counting Sponge itself). You do, however, have to have an economy implementation for it to be usable.
    • In the communities that I’m a part of, EconomyLite is the preferred choice. It’s had more stability and better performance long term than TotalEconomy.
  • WorldEdit: Seeing that your switching from Thermos, I’m going to presume you’re running SpongeForge. I would strongly recommend using the Forge version of WorldEdit over the Sponge version as it’s generally more stable.
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I looked up >> ActiveTime - CmdControl - EconomyLite >> and i might use them and see what the configuration is like. I like the thought of command scheduling along with normal broadcasts so that might be a better replacment tbh

I still have a wide range of plugins to replace some plugins listed cover multiple plugins as is which is great means less plugins to install!

Ill have to give worldedit non sponge a test i assumed it would not work but if it does even better o-o

Ill also give Adamantite a test see how it looks i currently haveno problems with prism as is yet o-o

oh and projectworlds vs nucleus for uploading customworlds? Havint tested it yet.

I should also add my server is modded.

I’d like to add to this CarrotShop, which in my opinion is the best shop plugin on Sponge at the moment. It’s a lot like Bukkit’s SignShop plugin, creates very custom shops which can support all kinds of meta and NBT data. It has a large range of types of shops including admin shops, redstone function shops (great for casinos and stuff), etc. It also comes with a report system, which creates a webpage with everything people have bought or sold at your shop, which in my opinion, is seriously cool and really useful.

I’d also like to recommend one of my own plugins, DTPunishment, it is a great tool for server owners and thier staff. It adds a unique point activated automated punishment system, so scaling punishments can be done fairly and consistently; Staff just add points for offences and the plugin gives the correct punishment based on the points that player has. It also comes with a chat filter for caps, character spam, swear words, etc. All highly configurable.

And like Simon, I recommend using the Forge version of WorldEdit over the Sponge version, and AdamantineShield over Prism.

I also personally use PixelAutoMessages for server automessages.

I decided to edit my original post to look more better and updated.

Love the pixelAutoMessage its better than the 2 i was trying to use its a geat suggestion! <3

Iv yet to test out DTPunishment - Gonna add that to my bookmarks need to finish replacements and polish each plugin to a decent standard!

As for EconomyLite im turned off with the lack of customization unless its suppose to lack like Vault? Unfortunitly i had to dispose of CmdScheduler compared to pixelautomessage it made more sence to me </3

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I see you added some which still needed replacements, so here are some I know of,

Crates - TeslaCrate; this is another mod by @Simon_Flash, I haven’t personally used it yet, but from what I’ve seen it’s the best one on sponge at the moment, but there are a couple more alternatives.

Coloured Tablist - TabManager; I’ve never used this and I’m not sure what it was last updated, but it’s worth having a look into.

Anti Cheat - Mirage; I’m not sure we have any full anti cheat plugins, but this one should do nicely for anti xray.

Enjin; I’m currently using this with no problems.

Votifier and rewards - SeriousVote and NuVotifier; if the offical version of NuVotifier doesn’t work, use the unoffical version in the post. Although I personally don’t use voting as I’ve always struggled to get it working in the past.

GUI shops - As far as I know there have never been any decent kind of GUI shops on Sponge, I definitely recommend using CarrotShop instead. Or get it commissioned.

WorldGuard - I haven’t found a need for a second claim plugin, GP does everything and more than worldguard did.

I see that you have Coloured Tags twice, and they seem to be the same thing? If you mean prefixes for chat, LuckPerms supports those.

Hope this helps

~ Alice

I updated my original Post again!

TeslaCrate doesint seem to want to work for me :frowning: or TabManager so im using TabModifier! As for Mirage im not worried about xrayers since my servers modded its more hacker clients i need defence from! o-o

SeriousVote does not like griefPrevention :frowning: or something is clashing!

As for CarrotShop with the amount of items in modded id be grudging at making multitude of chests for single items XD unless you can add multiple items in chests or is that all sign based only?

and yeah i added Tab twice by accident XD

Im happy you guys are responding im filling up my replacement plugins <3 Sorry for long replys x-x some plugins take time and anime is a big distraction XD

Simon has a Discord for TeslaCrate and his other plugins if you want to ask him about any problems you have, he’s really nice and super helpful.

With SeriousVote and GP, talk to the devs about it, they might be able to tell you what is wrong :slight_smile:

CarrotShop is very versatile, you can use one chest for as many signs as you like, you can even have multiple items for one sign. You also don’t need to put the chests under the signs, they can go anywhere! I always keep mine under the floor of my shops (Example = Above - Below).

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I intend to poke simon about TeslaCrate but takes me sometime to get around to poking these things cause of real life xD

Same thing with SeriousVote and GP since id like to emulate and transfer as much from my tekxit-2 (1.7.10) server over to tekxit-3! (1.12.2)!

Hmm multiple items per chest and signs << Ill definitely test see o-o but GUI would go along way <3

I replaced my store with AdminShop due to player request and added PlayerGlow for donators and MineReset!

Still in need of a replacment for these 4:
AntiAura [AntiCheat] [AntiHack] << im not worried about xrayers - Hackers are my worry!
VoteRoulette [Vote Rewards] << Im going to try soon SeriousVote again for a crash log see if author has a fix <3
WorldGuard [Regions] << Clone like plugin would be awesome! ill try foxguard again
Multiverse Core [Custom Worlds] << i want to use a hand built world import

For MultiverseCore, try Project Worlds instead.

Iv just updated a little bit above!

@JBYoshi Does ProjectWorlds have the ability to import custom worlds like the following:
MASSIVE 20K x 17K Realistic Worldpainter Map - Theia - [DOWNLOAD] Minecraft Map
This is just an example.

Anyone have / know any good plugins to replace theses:
AntiAura---------------[AntiCheat] [AntiHack]
VoteRoulette----------[Vote Rewards]

I liked VoteRoulette cause per vote you get a random reward of 100 options i set
AntiAura is suppose to stop Hack Clients!

Sorry for lack of replying im taking my time setting up each element in my server!

Any recommendations is welcome!

I haven’t tried it myself, but it has a /world import command that may work for that.

Might be a bit biased since i made these, but i feel as if i cannot have a server without them.

MMCReboot - Counts down until either a manually triggered restart or automated one (Uses real-time clock or fixed intervals) (The restart function will not work on its own and will require a control panel or external file to check if the server has stopped)

MMCTickets - Simple in-game ticket managment system which also has a web interface if you use Web-API alongside it.

I have a few others over on Ore, but these are the ones i thought would be the most useful

I also have a support discord for any questions, problems or suggestions for my plugins :slight_smile: