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Topic Replies Activity
About the Plugins category 1 September 10, 2014
NPC Plugin request 2 December 5, 2020
:snowman: NPCs [v3.0.0] - Easiest and Best NPC plugin 177 December 5, 2020
PassiveEvents - An attempt to add in the passive healing and passive poison events from Reforged into Generations using Sponge
8 December 4, 2020
Gotta Catch Em Small - A tier based progression system for catching, leveling, and trading Pokemon for Pixelmon Generations
10 December 4, 2020
EntityAIBase 2 December 4, 2020
NoSleep - A simple plugin to prevent sleeping through the night
6 December 3, 2020
Region Title - Set enter, exit title and sound for yor claims
5 December 3, 2020
Authentic - Bring authentication to your server
23 November 29, 2020
Nucleus - The Ultimate Essentials Plugin
311 December 3, 2020
Broken text formatter 5 December 3, 2020
NoPortal - A simple plugin to prevent creating Nether Portals
3 December 3, 2020
CoinPurse - A simple plugin to convert currency into a physical item
18 December 2, 2020
Cosmos - Cosmos | Worlds management | Per-world management
3 December 2, 2020
Cosmos - Cosmos | Multi-world management | Per-world management
2 December 2, 2020
PokeSearch - Pixelmon simplified server-sided PokeRadar-like system
8 December 2, 2020
CommandBooks - A simple Command Book plugin
31 December 2, 2020
CommandItems - Item based commands, permissions, cooldowns and more!
17 December 2, 2020
TM Factory - A Pixelmon Generations custom TM/TR/HM plugin
11 December 1, 2020
Multi Currencies - A plugin to manage the other currencies
3 December 1, 2020
CrateDrops - Random crates spawn in the wild for players to find
13 November 30, 2020
WelcomeTitles - Custom welcome titles
12 October 24, 2020
PixelMCMMO 10 November 30, 2020
Looking for a Pixelmon MCMMO Plugin 2 November 30, 2020
Plan - Player Analytics, Sponge/Bukkit/Bungee/Velocity support
68 November 28, 2020
Server mod rejections 3 November 28, 2020
FxBiomeRTP - This plugin allows players to randomly teleport across the world and to specific biome types
8 November 28, 2020
DataSync - An advanced plugin for backing up player data such as inventories
4 November 27, 2020
OnTime - A playtime tracker
5 November 27, 2020
Anvil - A cross-platform database API / ORM / entity framework with useful services for minecraft plugins
7 November 27, 2020