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About the Plugins category [Plugins] (1)
Universal Market V1.3 [1.10.2/1.12.2] ( 2 ) [Plugin Releases] (27)
EpicBanItem - A banitem with nbt plugin in sponge [Ore] (14)
STS - STS allows players to sell their Pixelmon to the server [Ore] (7)
[SOLVED] Loading config and getting value [Plugin Development] (4)
GTS - A Sponge-based backing for the Global Trading Station from Pokemon ( 2 ) [Ore] (31)
Referrals - Let your users refer other players to your server, and get rewards for doing so! ( 2 ) [Ore] (29)
SpongePls [BungeeCord Forge Support] ( 2 3 4 ) [Plugin Releases] (67)
PixelGenocide - Speed up your world by deleting useless pixelmon! ( 2 ) [Ore] (23)
ProjectInventories - Multi world inventories [Ore] (20)
VirtualChest - Provide virtual chest GUIs for menus like ChestCommands ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 ) [Ore] (130)
[SOLVED] Get all chests on the map [Plugin Development] (4)
DupeFixer - Fix dupes in mods [Ore] (3)
PetBlocks - PetBlocks is a spigot and also a sponge plugin to use blocks and custom heads as pets in Minecraft ( 2 ) [Ore] (38)
[Resolved] Any Database Annotation Library? [Plugin Development] (4)
MCMoji - Adds emoji to Minecraft [Ore] (10)
Personal Time - Allows players to set their own personal time of day [Ore] (9)
GameParkour - A parkour minigame [Ore] (2)
Vote for fly [Plugin Requests] (6)
GWMCrates - Universal crates plugin! ( 2 3 4 5 ) [Ore] (87)
Is any plugin can control high frequency redstone? [Plugins] (6)
ProjectPortals - One stop shop for all things portal ( 2 3 4 5 ) [Ore] (81)
PvPTime - Lets you choose what in-game hours you want PvP enabled [Ore] (4)
NPCs causing crashing [Ore Support] (3)
Getting a generic error when uploading a JAR [Ore Support] (2)
[Pixelmon] PixelMoney [API 5/6/7] [2.2.0] ( 2 ) [Plugin Releases] (25)
RedProtect - Complete antigrief plugin ( 2 ) [Ore] (34)
Generate a map except BiomeTypes [Plugin Development] (5)
QuestionsTime - Ask questions and gain prize for the winner [Ore] (17)
:skull: XtraPunish [v2.0] [API 4.0] ( 2 ) [Plugin Releases] (30)