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Topic Replies Activity
About the Plugins category 1 September 10, 2014
Nucleus - The Ultimate Essentials Plugin
284 May 31, 2020
Chest Refill - Plugin for restoring contents of a container after specified time
3 May 31, 2020
MagiBridge - A utility Discord <-> Minecraft chat relay plugin
72 May 31, 2020
ProjectWorlds - Multi world management plugin
96 May 31, 2020
Universe Guard - A World Guard solution for Sponge
61 May 31, 2020
LuckPerms - An advanced permissions plugin
38 May 31, 2020
CommandSigns Reloaded - Create signs that run commands!
88 May 30, 2020
Total Economy - All in one economy plugin for Minecraft/Sponge
114 May 30, 2020
CommandItems - Item based commands, permissions, cooldowns and more!
16 May 30, 2020
MBDiscordLink - Addon for MagiBridge that links in-game accounts with Discord accounts
18 May 30, 2020
Autosaver - An autosaving plugin that can backup your worlds based on how many minutes you choose
4 May 30, 2020
[API 6.x/7.x] FoxGuard - The flexible world protection solution 1041 May 29, 2020
Plan - Player Analytics, Sponge/Bukkit/Bungee/Velocity support
55 May 29, 2020
Detect if user changed his item in inventory 4 May 29, 2020
CatClearLag suggested Pixelmon settings 1 May 29, 2020
ProjectPortals - One stop shop for all things portal
96 May 29, 2020
SeriousVote - This is the best nuVotifier listener you’ll ever use. Players not online? No problem, it will rack up their votes until next time they join, and don’t worry it won’t spam the public chat 50 times
4 May 29, 2020
Make line from particles 2 May 29, 2020
FxBiomeRTP - This plugin allows players to randomly teleport across the world and to specific biome types
5 May 29, 2020
FeatherChat v1.1 55 May 29, 2020
PixelGenocide - Speed up your world by deleting useless pixelmon!
32 May 28, 2020
Getting console output 2 May 28, 2020
Cosmetics - Fancy cosmetic effects
16 May 28, 2020
Anvil - A cross-platform database API / ORM / entity framework with useful services for minecraft plugins
4 May 27, 2020
[SOLVED] Pixelmon's pokémon don't move with SpongeForge 4 May 27, 2020
TimeWarp - Manipulate time itself and extend the time of day!
41 May 27, 2020
Harvester - Manage block respawn and drops 1 July 22, 2018
BlockRegen - Regen blocks
10 May 24, 2020
Bottled EXP 1 May 27, 2020