[unsupported Guide] PEX quick command reference

When i started using the Sponge version of PEX i was quite confused, after some testing and constantly re-reading the wiki page that @zml quickly created i have gotten a fair understanding of how commands work, seeing that other are having issues i have decided to write this reference guide to help you out.

It is likely that this will become obsolete once @zml changes the command structure so i will be linking his instructions when the time comes but for now here are some examples (updated for newer system from build #89 afaik):

create an admin group that has all permissions:

/pex group Admin def true

make yourself an Admin:

/pex user MoeBoy76 parent add group Admin

creating a group with no permissions:

/pex group Default def 0

assigning the default group to be used by players:

/pex default user parent add group Default

creating a child group with a permission that inherits:

/pex group Trainer parent add group Default
/pex group Trainer perm pixelmon.command.pokeheal true

add a group to a ladder (lowest rank first):

/pex rank default add group Trainer

promoting a user within their rank:

/promote user MoeBoy76

demote a group:

/demote group Trainer

adding a player to a group:

/pex user MoeBoy76 parent add group Trainer

adding a permission directly to a player:

/pex user MoeBoy76 perm pixelmon.command.pokebattle true

denying a permission:

/pex user MoeBoy76 perm pixelmon.command.pokegive false

removing a parent group:

/pex group Trainer parent remove group Default

adding a prefix (requires a chat plugin to display, old colour format used for ease of use, user prefix overrides group prefix):

/pex group Trainer option prefix &7[&4Trainer&7]
/pex user MoeBoy76 option prefix &7[&5Galactus'&7_&2Herald&7]

check permissions, options, parent group(s) of a user (does not display parent info):

/pex user MoeBoy76 info

delete a group:

/pex group Trainer delete

using a context, contexts are a very specific place for a permission, eg a world, a dimension, a claim (Note: world and dimension are the only ones that i know to work, claim is used as GriefPrevention adds context permissions when claiming):

/pex user MoeBoy76 perm minecraft.command.kill 1 --context world=DIM-1

As you may have noticed groups and users are interchangable so you could give yourself default true permissions to make you โ€œOPโ€. i would also like to note that i am using Pixelmon as an example since it is a mod and always has permissions defined like so: <modid>.command.<command name> (How Sponge handles vanilla, mod and Sponge command permissions)

EDIT: added console permission setting
EDIT2: updated for some changes that came at the same time as the Great Sponge Event Refactor, added some additional info
EDIT3: added ranking commands
EDIT4: fixed default group assignment example
EDIT5: added info and delete examples
EDIT6: added context example
EDIT7: made a note that ranks must be added from the bottom up
EDIT8: added note not to default permissions to false


Thank you for this, pex can be a bit confusing.


Thank you sooo much i really needed this, cant wait to try it out after work :smiley:

HI, when I try to use command: /pex group Trainerโ€ฆ I have an error: donโ€™t have rights.

what can I do with it? Iโ€™m OP and i can do nothing in the came or in console. Still the same error.

Is possible to place here some basic default config and better explanation what is needed to do by first configuration? All other manuals are only for old bukkit version :disappointed_relieved:.


if you set a default group without setting yourself or console to have default true (ie *) then thatโ€™s your problem and you will need to delete your permissions.json and start again

when using Sponge, Minecraftโ€™s OP doesnโ€™t give you any powers to use commands

Hi, I followed your steps above and had this problem.
I was unable to make this point:
โ€œcreating a child group with a permission:โ€

And until this step you donโ€™t give any permissions to any user.

Please can you check it if you donโ€™t have make any mistake in the quick guide that you wrote here?

the first thing you do should really be

/pex user Alfista def true

which will give you full access, basically granting the equivalent of bukkitโ€™s โ€œ*โ€

Thanks for help. Hope it will help many people.

And is posible to help me with prefix for group? I try to add prefix, but it doesnโ€™t work.
I tried to add the command, to set it directly in config, but nothing doesnโ€™t work.
I have no errors in console, but still no change in game.


Even if you add a Prefix it wont be displayed unless you have another plugin like SpongeEssentials.

Thanks, now I have it working :+1:

updated to also have Rank commands

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To create a group to say the manager has to be from the game console or config I can not create group

This is the best guide ever, I signed up for sponge just to say this

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YOU SAVED MY LIFE! You Are The Best.

I get this error when I add a user to Trainer:

[13:01:32] [Server thread/WARN] [PermissionsEx]: Potential circular inheritance found while traversing inheritance for user= (My UUID) when visiting group=Default

Do these commands:

/pex group Default def false
/pex group Trainer parent add group Default
/pex default user par + Default
/pex group Trainer parent add group Default
/pex group Trainer perm pixelmon.command.pokestats true
/pex group Trainer perm pixelmon.command.catchrate true
/pex group Trainer perm pixelmon.command.pokesell true
/pex group Trainer perm ivsevs.command.evs true
/pex group Trainer perm ivsevs.command.ivs true
/pex group Trainer perm ivsevs.command.hiddenpower true
/pex rank default add group Trainer
/pex group Trainer option prefix &7[&2Trainer&7]
/pex user An70ni0 parent add group Trainer

How can I do? Use Pixelmon 4.0.8 and PermissionEx 2.0

need to see the actual permissions file to find what is wrong

File permissions.json?

thatโ€™s the one, pastebin or gist it

Here: http://pastebin.com/ZgRjFkk7

Use in the folder mod: